Monday, May 30, 2011

I. Dig. This. Wedding.

Hey ESB!

We just got back our wedding pictures and we couldn't be happier. Our wedding turned out to be way better than we imagined it could be. We had a blast!

The planning was easy since we had a teeny tiny budget and only had 2 months to do it so we knew it wasn't possible to obsess over details. We had the wedding in my family house that my grandparents have lived in since the 60s. My cousin played the viola as we walked down the aisle.

My husband's mom & sister took care of the dessert bar & wedding cake (they thrifted all the cake stands and bowls and made all the desserts themselves!). We filled the ipod with all our favorite music (lots of Elvis, Ronettes, and Ramones) and just let it play. We got the In-N-Out truck to pull right up to the garage to sling burgers out.

A friend helped me load up on flowers at the LA flower mart and fill tons of vases and bottles with flower arrangements. Another friend married us (we wrote our own ceremony... it was about 3 minutes long). Our friend Andy Riddle did all the photography. It was an amazing group effort.

When the day came, it was just overwhelming how everything came together and it felt so fantastic to be surrounded by family and friends. Our not so perfect road leading up to our wedding helped us lower our expectations and let us relax and just let things be. Thanks for the advice, not just for my dress (which I didn't end up needing after all) but for all the advice from past brides who've written to you. It all just helped me remember that the whole point of this all is to be a fun & happy time for the two of us. It was.

-Lisa aka Shotgun Bride


What could be better than In-N-Out Burger + a gorgeous beau?



  1. I adored her parting statements: "It all just helped me remember that the whole point of this all is to be a fun & happy time for the two of us. It was." Ohh yeah! Thanks, Lisa, for being laidback & inspirational.

  2. BEST. She looks so freaking adorable in that top picture, particularly. I LOVE the dress and the burger truck catering. What a great wedding.

  3. It's weddings like this that restore my faith in weddings in general.

  4. Awesome. And the fears of the BCBG dress not being flattering are completely off-base - she looks amazing! Also: can't lose with In-N-Out.

  5. srsly...

  6. Basically my favourite wedding that you've posted here. Exactly what a wedding should be. :)

  7. This wedding sets an example!!!!! Simple, honest, fun, pretty, and meaningful. Well done, beautiful Shotgun Bride and hot husband! :)

  8. You guys are adorable and your wedding looks like it was a lot of fun. The dress is perfect, if you hadn't said it was from BCBG I would have sworn it was vintage.

    LOVE the first pic in the back of the truck.

    In your face WIC!

  9. YES! I love.

    I also love when you post real weddings.

  10. thank you for all the kind words everyone!