Monday, May 23, 2011

Mormons are stylish too

dear east side bride,

you're awesome, and so is your fashion sense, which is why i'm coming to you with my dilemma.

alright so, i'm mormon, which means i get married in the lds temple, with the fancy underwear we call garments that extend (almost) to the knee and cover the shoulders. i love it and its symbolism and everything, but it's pretty limiting fashion-wise. if i were getting married in fall/winter, it wouldn't really be a problem, just throw a sweet white leather jacket over a white dress (or something, you get the point) and call it a day. but i'm getting married in the summer time. in the desert. because cap sleeve wedding dresses are awful, and i'm kind of over the bolero, i was wondering if it's tacky to wear a t shirt under the dress. kind of like this, except, you know, white t shirt, white gown.

if that's super tacky, do you have any other ideas for me? do i have to get married in the fall or winter time just to avoid the dreaded cap sleeve? thanks! all my love.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah. I dunno about a t-shirt under a wedding dress. (Though i'd be all for a t-shirt with a maxi-skirt, if you wanted to go that route.)

How bout this ? It's modest without SCREAMING modest, if you know what I mean.

Accidentally modest?


  1. I like it. Although beware combining with an updo, which takes you in a very pioneery direction that I think you're trying to avoid.

  2. I know not everyone digs J. Crew, but this dress is a T-Shirt gown.

  3. @peggy-that was the dress I ordered and had in my closet for three months before I changed my mind and wore purple. The dress is gorgeous in person. The back detail might be an issue, though, with the small slit.

    Otherwise I totally agree. And other than that I am absolutely no help since the last awesome dress I saw at an LDS ceremony was made by the bride's mom.

  4. I'm a mormon who got married in TEXAS in JULY and I wore sleeves that went down to my elbow. So you don't have to go with a cap sleeve. Just make sure the fabric is light. Good luck I know how difficult it is to find a modest dress that is also one you love.

  5. Do a tee with a maxi skirt please. I love the idea of something as irreverent at a t-shirt in a mormon temple. so subversive.

    esb hates jcrew but:

  6. i am in LOVE with the t-shirt and maxi skirt look in the previous post...

    i know how you feel though- i'm catholic, and, while there are no specific rules, since i would NEVER show up to mass (or let's face it, anything, because that's how i am) in a strapless or corset-like top, why would i wear one to my wedding? (along with the fact that my cousin spent her entire wedding day pulling up her own, very $$$$ strapless dress).
    i haven't seen any dresses with sleeves that i really like, but i'm hoping now that kate middleton had sleeves the designers will make more stylish options :)

  7. Ok, this one has been a favorite of mine for a while and happens to fit the requirements. I may have even seen it on ESB first?

    And this one is simple, elegant, comfy and affordable. With the silk tie belt you can make it the length that you need:

    more views here:

  8. Also a Mormon. Also hate cap sleeve wedding dresses. I checked out etsy a lot, and found a dress from the 60's I really liked. It was totally modest and really cheap.

    I also really like what esb picked out.

  9. I LOVE the one on la garconne! It looks really light-weight, and so glam. love it in that light gray.

    and the esb pick, and the j.crews. rock it, lady! good luck!

  10. I love this dress! I also love the tee shirt and maxi skirt idea.

  11. @Anna good call on the Proenza.



  12. This dress by Rachel Comey is also very sweet:

    Good luck. xo.

  13. UH. I have always loved that dress... SOMEONE WEAR IT PLEASE.

  14. Also LDS. Have you considered a lightweight sweater? Since it is springish still, maybe you can find something nice. Perhaps something longer (and maybe belted) to avoid the bolero-esque thing.
    Or some designers/boutique seamstresses (especially if you're in UT) will add an LDS appropriate top to otherwise strapless dresses, but it takes time and I bet this is probably happening this summer.

    Please please please do not do the tshirt under the dress thing. I don't even support that for Sunday dress/everyday.

  15. perfect suggestion, in fact i think it want it myself and i don't even have to worry about garments!

  16. Also mormon, but not planning a wedding. First off, proud of you for avoiding the capsleeve issue. I totally second the etsy/vintage options, but I know that can be tough too, finding things in the right size, especially online. One idea I had was finding a really pretty (silk or lace etc) blouse (with sleeves obvi) and then buying or making a really simple (maybe huge and tulle-y) skirt with it.

    Like in this picture:

    good luck!

  17. okay, also Mormon and getting married in two months and have no dress! awesome, right? here is MY question: I want a short, retro sort of dress WITH SLEEVES. apparently, that is impossible. if I see one more cap sleeve, floor length, lace up mormon dress I will gouge my eyes out. ugh. so ugly! I am not sure about the t-shirt/maxi dress idea since I really want a short, structured kind of dress, but still-that is definitely an idea to explore.

  18. oh, but cap sleeves in a maybe-okay way?

  19. The Proenza Schouler is beautiful in real life but looked HORRIBLE on me. I'm a tall curvy size6/8 (in dresses, 10 on bottom): the waist was too high on me and I looked really thick on top (I think the cut is better on the small-chested).

  20. @Rachel I'm not sure how short, short is, but here are a few options? Too short?,default,pd.html

    However, if you are into something totally non-traditional, this Marni piece has been on my mind:

  21. Rachel, is this more what you had in mind?

  22. @Rachel - A few finds...

    A retro silk and sequins number (on sale):

    A short lace dress with sleeves:

    A retro lace and peplum skirt Topshop dress:

    An authentic vintage piece:

    Good luck! xo.

  23. @ Rachel cause I could make an all-silk dress like the pattern I showed for $350. vgrant AT wisc DOT edu if you're interested.

  24. <3 the proenza dress. one of my favorites regardless of the need for cap sleeves. love that dress.

  25. bit late, but-


  26. This blog keeps coming up while I'm searching for dresses myself and I wanted to share a few links!

    These are custom, non-traditional modest wedding dresses (LOVE the one on Heidi, with pockets!)

    And wouldn't this be FABULOUS in white??