Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY BABY MASKS! (Creepsville, Anyone?)

Dear ESB,

As a disclaimer, I often enjoy Jordan Ferney's blog, "Oh Happy Day" despite her often baby-centric and/or overly kitschy/crafty posts. Even the egregious sponsored posts (hey, however you make the dough whatevs). But sometimes she knocks it out of the park. Her map to the Paris Flea Market? Genius. Okay, i just spent ten minutes looking for another post I liked as much as that one and couldn't find it. But regardless, too-cutsey posts are totally fine by me.

But this (?!?!) is just unreal.

And so effing funny. Because i figured you don't read blogs like hers regularly, I wanted to pass it along.




You guys probably think I'll never write my own content again.



Happy Mother's Day!!

Photos by Natalie Norton for Jordan Ferney


  1. tee hee:

    Q&A with Zizek:

    Q. What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?
    A. A mask of myself on my face, so people would think I am not myself but someone pretending to be me.

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  3. Can we pretty please turn these into an indie wedding trend?

  4. Okay, so my mom has a life-size photo of my brother on a stick. Yes, it's true. I'm not joking.

    When my brother was stationed in Iraq my mother joined Blue Star Moms, a support group for women whose children are in the military. These mothers make life-size cardboard cutouts of their children and put them on sticks. I think they wave them around in parades or something. I'm not sure why they like this idea; it's really creepy. My brother is out of the military now (thank god!) and in college. He uses the photo replica of himself to freak out his roommates and stage pranks.

  5. A big fat WTF. I clicked on the link and read the post and I still don't get what the point of it is.

  6. HAHA! I read this online a week or so ago. I had to take a second and remember to breathe; it terrified me.

  7. lol lol. i regularly read oh happy day, and i am particularly enjoying the paris posts (AKA i am super jealous and feel slightly depressed when i read them) . however. yes. the babies on a stick really freaked me the freak out. i do not think my mother, or any mother, would like to see her grown child holding up a black and white photo of their infantile face.