Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Payless beats BHLDN

So I ordered these from BHLDN and they came in this NASTYPANTS embroidered bag and shat glitter all over my apartment and legs and general person. I knew they'd have me bleeding within an hour, and I thought I could get better, less sheddy results spray-painting a pair myself. I then ordered ALL OF THE SHOES (seven pairs?). 

My truly desperate pair from Payless won out. And I really, really liked them.



  1. Kind of OT but I have found amazingness in select Forever21 wedges/platforms (usually plain black ones). Since they have thick heels they don't get uncomfortable and they don't look cheap at all. Elitists who never venture into the affordable shopping market are really missing out.

    (also, just to be clear, not calling A an elitist lol + fyi)

  2. you have such a lovely way with words... "shat glitter". i will never feel the same way about the sparkly stuff. :)

  3. Bahahahha.
    B- Bad shoes
    H- HELL kinda name is that, anyway?
    L- Looks like you could make that with supplies from Michaels
    D- Dresses are kinda pretty I guess
    N- Never mind, I just saw the pricetag

  4. aw. i kinda like the bhldn ones.

    and that's the first time i've ever said THAT.

  5. What Bianca said. A is totally charming

    (and the new subheader is perfect)

  6. LOL the new subheader is fucking brilliant.

  7. New subheader is amazing. I've always hoped to one day be hipster, but throw in mean *and* evil? I feel like I won the internet nametag lottery. Please tell me it was an anon email that said that.

    Cheap shoes ftw. Love it.

  8. OMG seriously?! You're paylesses look great!i'm glad you found such a good option!

  9. In HS (um, many many years ago) a friend wanted Dorothy Gale red sparkly shoes to go with a simple black dress for one of out semi-formal dances. She couldn't find them anywhere and decided to make them. It took forever and they, too, shat glitter everywhere, but they looked great. If the BHLDN shoes shed, might as well DIY it and save some dough.

  10. i bookmarked this post and called it 'glitter paint for the win'.

  11. I *just* saw a tutorial for how to do glitter shoes... lemme dig thru my RSS...


    The key is Modge Podge and a sealant spray. She says the glitter doesn't fall off at all - and is surprisingly flexible.

  12. That is sooo upsetting to me, because the only thing I've seen on there that I want to buy is a pair of the glittery gold peep-toes, because I've always wanted gold shoes for a wedding. Damn.