Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did watching the Royal Wedding inspire me to make a terrible fashion choice?

Hello there,

I'll skip the long intro to make this short and sweet so you can tell me what to do: can I wear this fascinator to my upcoming wedding? My wedding is turning out to be an industrial art-deco shindig in a warehouse, no colors per se, lots of earthy neutrals, no bridesmaids' dresses, and my dress is long and lace. Lots of candles and white lights. I've attached a photo - the dress maker isn't online, so this photo is the best I can do. My boyfriend is Filipino and wearing the traditional baraong, as are his groomsmen. (It looks way better on him than in the photos...)

I was planning on a birdcage, but this just looks way more fun. But will it be too much? Can I get away with it? I tend be to a typical Pacific Northwesterner, which means I dig boots, fleece, and nothing too fashion crazy... but maybe it's about time to change that whole thing.


I'm not feeling it.

(Gorg dress is by Valencia Vega. If anyone can tell us who took the photo, I'd be much obliged.)


  1. Do not wear that thing. And nix the birdcage whatever, too.
    Sooo tired, been done to death, and never looks good in photographs. In a word ... dated.

    What is wrong with a sweet veil? Much better and you won't look like
    a cartoon and also won't cringe in 5, 10, 15, 25 years when you look
    at your wedding pics.

    You know what I'm talking about!

  2. Personally, I love that fascinator--though I'm not sure it goes with your long lace dress. It would be better with a sharp curvy little cream-colored suit, I think. And I agree that birdcages are done to death. But really? I think you should go with your gut and just choose whatever you love. This is a chance to wear something exciting you wouldn't usually wear. Have fun!

  3. no fascinator, it's not meant for the bride anyway - I've been living in England for a few years now and it's the guests that wear the fancy hats and fascinators, not the bride. plus overly traditional English headwear with a laidback wedding and a groom in a baraong... wont' look good

  4. i think it's kinda groovy, but not for the bride.

  5. I agree with anon. Fascinators are the hat's little sister and for guests only. If you're going to be influenced by the royal wedding, choose a lovely veil.

  6. Hmmm.... yes kind of agree, but also, if you want a fun fascinator, then go for one, but maybe a better one.

    That strange fabric they use in those fascinators remind me of what frumpy mums buy in M&S.

    A veil might not be your thing though,

  7. Pacific Northwest represent!

    I wish we knew what your hair situation was, but I'm apt to suggest a flower (I'm always suggesting a flower)

  8. Dear bride, you know ESB is all about the barrette:

  9. Yeah.

    Hey, what about an art deco hair comb? Or earrings?

    Dress is fabulous btw x

  10. That's an awfully sad little fascinator.

    If you're going to wear one wear a REAL one. Pretty much anything by William Chambers goes -

  11. that is a very unfascinating fascinator.

  12. i am SO feeling a fascinator for that dress... but i am not feeling that fascinator. it looks like it will flatten out in 2 seconds and be a droopy mess in your hair.

    my suggestion? find your most fashion forward friend and ask them to go fascinator browsing with you. find something that has more substance & a little bling.

  13. I'm with Nicole. Rock a barrette. Just do it.

  14. Dude, if you love the crazy feathers-and-Macy's-Christmas-giftwrap-bow number then *DO IT.* You have two excellent options:

    1. Axe the Etsy seller if you can try it on with your dress and return for a full refund if it ain't working.

    2. Go with a veil for the ceremony and rock a more understated but equally whimsical little feather ensemble to clip into your hair for the reception. Heck, maybe that Etsy seller will even custom-make something to go with your dress.

    Honestly, the headgear is so irrelevant; just EAT CAKE AND DANCE WITH HUBSTERS and savor every minute you have with him while he sports his awesome traditional man-lace.

  15. fascinators are going to be super trendy and then super dated. they're be like the wedding hats of the 70s and puffy sleeved dresses of the 80s. go with something more classic. you'll thank yourself later.

  16. HA! thanks for the advice ESB and all. I do appreciate it. I ordered the fascinator, wanting to see it in person, and I did check out the return policy ahead of time (can return). That all said, I'm still debating, and I just might go for it, if i love it on, even if it looks dumb or dated in the future. or i might go with a little pretty sparkly thing in my hair... even though barrettes bring up memories of elementary school. i could try to bring them into the present.

    @Anonymous - 5:17AM : Heck no to a long veil. Sorry, but NO WAY. I nixed that about 0.03 seconds upon being engaged.

    @bigBANG studio - xox.

    thanks for the nice comments about the dress. i am more than kind of in love with it.

  17. Since when did dated become a dirty word? Let your marriage be timeless. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are in this moment. Own it.

  18. UH-greed, Maddie. I love it when I see something fabulous from the 50's or 70's or whatever and it's totally reflective of that time. Must be cause so many of us are children of the 80s and scarred from all the scrunchies that we're always trying to rise above the current time.

  19. I personally love that fascinator but then again having something a little off kilter is very my style.

    With a long lacey dress it could work as a little contrast / update but it would also work well with a barret etc.

    I think you need to go with what you feel best in. If you feel chic in the fascinator, go for it. If you feel better in something else do that. Its all about you!!

  20. Anonymous 1st comment. The birdcage is not done to death in weddings, it is done to death in blogs. I have never seen a real life bride wear one but would love to, they look great. Ps - if the birdcage is dated then wtf about a traditional veil?? been around a bit longer no?. To the lovely bride posing the question - your dress is beautiful

    Amy x

  21. Phew...thanks Amy! I plan on wearing a birdcage and started getting pissy after reading these comments!! GOD FORBID I come off as trite!