Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the Shotgun Bride

Hey ESB,

I am getting married in a few months and I'm looking for a dress that's short, not too fancy, and maybe kinda 50s or 60s looking. I have a lot of tattoos, and would prefer to have something with a little sleeve (no spaghetti straps or strapless) to keep the less wedding-appropriate tattoos concealed. I don't want to spend a lot either. I'm also pregnant, so the dress needs to be somewhat forgiving and have some boob room. I'll be at that not-sure-if-you're-pregnant-or-fat stage at the wedding... 16 weeks pregnant. Here is the dress I've been thinking of getting, but it's not the most flattering.

Could you or your readers point me in the direction of some amazing dresses? I am lost on what to wear!


Shotgun Bride


Hey SB,

I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the 50's/60's request (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) because I just found this Haute Hippie dress, and it is SO PERFECT for that is-she-pregnant-or-is-she-just-getting-fat phase. Bonus: You can show off those boobs!

Whoopsie. You said you didn't want to spend a lot of money. Maybe this is for a different shotgun bride.

Just don't buy the BCBG dress, okay? On anyone with a tummy it would be, as Celia says, no bueno.



  1. This is not 50/60s but its forgiving/will cover up tattoos. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod125390052&eItemId=prod125390052&cmCat=search&searchType=MAIN&parentId=&icid=&rte=%252Fsearch.jhtml%253FN%253D0%2526Ntt%253Dparker%2526_requestid%253D23203

    And have you tried ModCloth or Anthro for 50/60s style dresses?

  2. Check out the Adina Dress Girl. by Band of Outsiders.

    Something with a higher waist and flowy skirt will help hide the is she/isn't she evidence. And bringing the eye to the prego boobies helps too!

  3. um you might not even have a belly yet at all? just boated?

  4. Congrats, Shotgun Bride! I love ESB's choice for you, but it may be a bit pricey. No idea how much you'll be showing, but I like this dress:


    Good luck! xo.

  5. Here are a few more:







  6. This one looks super comfy and the skirt reminds me kinda of the 50s ...it won't really show off the girls, but if you put the belt in the right place it'll hide your belly. Plus it's just $200!


  7. Preggo + 60s = http://www.cabaretvintage.com/uncategorized/cabaret-vintage-cocktail-bride-justine/

    dress on model here [scroll down] http://www.cabaretvintage.com/new-arrivals/the-cabaret-collection-the-story-part-i/

  8. oh esb. I fucking LOVE that dress.

  9. I read this as "Shogun Bride" and thought it was about an interracial wedding. LOL

  10. I want that Haute Hippie dress. I am 13 weeks pregnant and it would be perfect and I suspect still perfect for a wedding at 16 weeks.

  11. i love this - http://www.bhldn.com/the-shop_dresses/origami-pleated-dress

  12. also this one - http://beta.neimanmarcus.com/store/product.jsp?itemId=prod122360040&catId=cat29650755#page-index=9&wallOffset=-20292&pageOffset=20763

  13. Shotgun Bride here... thank you everyone for the input! Unfortunately it looks like my fiance and I jumped the gun on all of this, as we ended up miscarrying a month later. The wedding is still a go and we are keeping our heads up & thankful that this whole experience kicked us in the ass and made us realize we want to get married anyways. So I ended up getting the BCBG dress I originally liked (the wedding is next Sunday, otherwise I think I might have gotten the bhldn origami dress that was suggested). The wedding is going to be amazing. Its in our backyard in Venice, and we'll be eating burgers, drinking beer & whiskey, and dancing to the Ronettes. I'll send photos after the wedding! Thanks everyone!

  14. @lisa Oh, lady. I'm so sorry to hear that. But a backyard wedding in Venice sounds just. perfect. PLEASE DO send photos!!