Thursday, May 26, 2011


dear esb.

Going to an outdoor wedding in early June in Salt Lake and I need to figure out what to wear. 

I'm a little confused about the dress code: husband says the groom, his cousin, will be in a tux but will also be wearing flip flops.

Maybe I just can't quite get my head around that bit of information to the (literally) bigger problem. 

I'm knocked up. Like 6 months and some change worth. I'm taller and tiny framed so unless people know me they still can't tell yet. The difficult part is not my damn stomach but that I've gone up 3 bra sizes. I can wear most of my jeans still but I can't fit into any t shirts or dresses I own. So basically I guess I just don't know how to shop now that I actually have boobs.

Not that I think you are in the mood to start online browsing for some random pregnant lady... but I had to ask just in case I caught you at some particularly vulnerable, bored moment. If not, send this one to the trash folder... I'll still love you anyways :)



Srsly. Will you guys help me?

Photo by Peonies and Polaroids, obv.


  1. Well as a nearly 6 months knocked up person living in salt lake, I will give this some thought. But mostly steal all of the good ideas to come.


    in teal.

  3. ugh. just noticed that's the "wool" version. nm.

  4. this, because you're tall and can rock it:

    or this:

    with some colorful shoes & bracelets

    i'm not pregnant. but i'm always curvy. ALWAYS.

    or not:

  6. As another lady with big boobs, I second the wrap dress suggestion! If any given wrap dress leaves you with an uncomfortable amount of cleavage, get a nice lace cami for underneath.

  7. money where my mouth is, or links:,default,pd.html?start=13&preselectsize=no&cgid=dresses-vintage-collection,default,pd.html?start=18&preselectsize=no&cgid=dresses-vintage-collection

  8. i love the maternity clothes available at asos - here's the link!

    if i were a pregnant lady, i would totes wear one of these dresses..


    hope that helps!

  9. Wear a maxi skirt as a strapless dress and belt it. Put the belt at the small of your waist. Wear tall wedges. Done. Don't buy anything for temporary boobs- they will go away and you won't be able to wear it again. Don't get any maternity clothing, please.

  10. Hi! I am small with big boobs. General tips: avoid anything with high necks, boatnecks or straight necklines. Sweetheart, V-neck and surplice/faux wrap with a high/natural waistline to accentuate the slimmest part of your middle are good.

  11. Not so sure about strapless. You might be pulling the dress up over your chest all night long... (hate that).

    My friend is 6 mos. pregnant, and she wore a V-neck black chiffon maxi dress by Mink Pink to a wedding recently. Tried to find it online but I can't seem to locate it... anyway... V-neck may be your friend. It's not flaunting everything, but it's not hiding them either.

    Everything here is half-off for Memorial Day, including this piece:

    and this:

    When in doubt, I'd go with a free-flowing maxi dress like this cute mama (comfy + stylish):

    Good luck! and congrats on the baby ... and congrats on going +3 bra sizes! I bet you look amazing. xo.

  12. this is where i admit i would probably use pregnancy as an excuse to dress like stevie nicks and/or mrs. roper.

  13. WHOA.

    love the dvf romper.

    also love the mrs. roper inclination. :D

  14. I'm into these two "Gary" dresses. Both belted to allow you to change the fit as your body changes.

    Gary graham Pebble Jacquard Dress:

    Gary Bigeni Dakota Dress:


  16. french connection and mamalicious has really nice maternity dresses.

    please please please do yourself a favour and do NOT buy a normal dress. you might fit in NOW but you won't until the wedding. and it looks real shit if the dress is longer in the back than in the front.

  17. you don't have to hide your boobs, i found that dress...

    ... and was reminded of gorgeous prgenant &big boobed angelina jolie

    show them what you got ;)


    Why buy something you may only wear once? I'd rent it unless you find something you really really love in the stores.

  19. also, avoid frilly-ness in the chest area and/or high necks.

  20. Oh man, pregnant lady! Do NOT be all, "Waaah, I have boobies, what do I do?" at ME.

    Okay, so first of all: maternity clothes are for chumps. That said, please make sure you're getting well-fitting bras during this process, even if it means spending a few hundred dollars on unusual cup sizes you might only wear for a few months. It will also make you feel hella sexy to have supportive, pretty lingerie that fits.

    That said, there's no place like a casual/upscale (?!) wedding to bring out your new cleavage. Go with something that shows off the girls, but I'd suggest something with a 3/4 sleeve to balance out the skin you're showing. Maybe something like a low-buttoned shirtwaist dress in a colour/pattern that you love? Grab a pretty shawl to drape over you for when the groom's uncle gets drunk and leery, wear an interesting shoe, and pay the bartender to make you a fancy mocktail to swirl during speeches.

  21. Big boobs = NEVER wear strapless. It's just not right.

    I'm a DD pre prego and am currently wearing G's. Wearing a comfortable bra is the most important part of your wardrobe while you're rockin' bigger lady lumps.

    I concur that wrap dresses are great, but also go for a more form fitting dress. Big boobs can make you look very large if you try to go too frilly and layered - simple is best. Also, jazz up the accessories and shoes rather than spending major moola on the dress. Black is always great for weddings and it's something you can wear again, on a date or to work, etc.