Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WTF do I wear to a wedding in Montauk?

The invitation says
"Beach Formal: Upscale casual to beach cocktail attire. Seersucker welcome."

Oh, and I'm pretty broke.


"Upscale casual" means the groom may or may not be wearing a navy blazer with khaki pants (see above), and the groomsmen may or may not be wearing socks.

The bridesmaids and/or female guests, I suspect, will mostly be strapless and beachy and boring. If you want to fit right in, feel free to buy a seersucker Lily Pulitzer.

Or, if you'd rather KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK, why don't you wear a sexy silk tank dress?

With killer wedges, obv.

1. Patterson J. Kincaid's aptly named Tie Dye Hamptons Tank Dress, on sale at shopbop

2. Carin Wester Naamah Tank Dress at Mohawk General Store

Top photo: Karen Wise Photography via Style Me Pretty


  1. Hell to the yes re: Carin Wester dress

  2. Yes to silk. Yes to loose fitting/catch the sea breeze. Yes to not seersucker. Yes to that Carin Wester.

    My two cents/$315:
    No. 6 "Easy Dress in Ombre


    Also, I may be addicted to this search and find game.

  3. "seersucker welcome" what the crap does that mean? I need to google.

  4. Love esb's picks for sure. But just to throw some more options out there, if you have the money for it, go for anything by Shabd. All her dresses and skirts are gorgeous and so unique, and they scream breezy-spring-wedding to me.


    Buuuuut, it's pricey, so I'd also check out the sale rack at Anthro...there are some pretty dresses that were recently marked down: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?popId=SHOPSALE&navAction=top&navCount=24&isSortBy=true&pushId=SHOPSALE-DRESSES&id=SHOPSALE-DRESSES

    I'm also a huge fan of this dress with these shoes:



  5. (blogger is crazy; hi, this is lauren)

    let us add that wearing patterned silk *and tie-dyed silk in particular* neatly sidesteps that whole Silk Stains When You Breathe on It fabric-ruinin' thing beaches in particular love to do. let us also add that i just wore this dress (which cost me $69 with the extra 30% off; ) to a cocktail party and felt like the secret mermaid character from the great gatsby. my new theory is that everyone should wear sequins all the time.

  6. THANKS, ESB! I really like that first one. Now off to find killer wedges.

  7. @Mouse THANK FUCK we sidestepped anthro! and j. crew. (though i do love lauren's sequins.)

  8. in my defense, i was just trying to buy joe a pair of socks; the ladies' sale stuff is on the guys' floor. you've seen me in stores with shiny things, though: can't...not...grasp.

  9. @lauren i cannot hold silver sequins against you.

  10. This made me crack up out loud at my desk. THANK FUCK for people who know better than lily pulitzer and flip flops! You knocked this one out of the park with those examples, just made my afternoon.

  11. Now have to find killer shoes. Oh darn. You know how much I hate shoe shopping.

  12. PS @ESB What's up with Anthro making all their dresses out of, like, vinyl lately?

  13. @Christina ♥

    @Mouse I kind of pussed out not shopping shoes for you. Shoe shopping is HARD.

  14. @ESB It's cool. I think I found some wedge sandals in the Nordstrom sale.

    P.S. I asked this same question to the "chat with a stylist" box on Rent the Runway, and know what they said? Lily Pulitzer. Vom.