Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What should I give my Maid of Honor?

Dear ESB,

The wedding day is fast approaching, and I have most everything taken care of except for my Brides Maid gift. We are only having one person each stand with us and it is my very best friend. I want to get her something extraordinary. But, sadly I am at a loss. This is not a typical wedding and I don't want to give her a typical gift.

Any suggestions?

Panicked Gift Giver


One of these Mociun pendants would be a cool gift. The orange silk cord makes them feel ceremonial, or talismanic.

But I don't know your friend (obv). Don't focus too hard on finding something extraordinary, and just pick out something you know she will love.


  1. As a three-time MOH, can I request good scotch? It isn't an heirloom keepsake, but it'll definitely be put to good use and appreciated.

  2. tough to advise on a gift that personal, but i will say this: anything but something you want her to use at the wedding. that's a gift for you, not her. (ESB's pendants, on the other hand, are awesome.)

  3. Couldn't agree more, ESB! "Talismanic" - yes!

    I'm partial to the crazy-amazing pieces over at Marquis & Camus. How rad is this broach?

    And there are so many special things over at Catbird, like this anchor:

    Good luck! xo.

  4. i know this might not seem personal, but if she travels, how about a southwest giftcard? they sell them on their website. we gave those to each person in our tiny entourage since they always seem to be going places.

  5. I second lauren's sentiment: Don't get her something to wear at the wedding. That alone will make it "not a typical wedding gift," and beyond that pick anything she'd enjoy!

  6. My younger sister was my MOH. I got her a pair of tahatian (ie black) pearl studs ($80 from a local jewelry store). They appealed to me because pearls are classic, but they weren't too stuffy for a 23 year old.

    Get her something thats her style and will last/she will cherish. Or something that would give her a great experience (like the flight giftcard mentioned).

  7. that pendant is wicked. you can't go wrong with something like that..along with the southwest giftcard...what about a roadtrip together or something? some of my friends are coming out of the woodwork to say they're worried about the wedding because they'll see less of us and what not...what about a post-wedding trip just for the two of you? just a thought.

  8. @Lauren - AGREE. I did get jewelry to wear at the wedding for them, however, I also got them Anne Taintor flasks. They loved them!

  9. Talismanic might be my new favorite word. It would be a great band name. I wish I played an instrument. Sigh.

  10. I made a little gift for mine. When I go to her home and see it displayed it makes me feel gooey.

    (Admittedly she may only get it out when I'm around but's the thought that counts).

    I would like an amazing bottle of wine or something similar. Something to maybe cherish together?

  11. I had an artist friend of mine paint pictures of my bridesmaid's cats to give to them. He's an awesome artist and they were thrilled!