Wednesday, February 23, 2011

J-tree here we come

I'm pretty sure Afton posted these photos just for me.

H and I are headed to Joshua Tree for a few days with my dad and his lady, and we've been trying -- without complete success -- to explain the rock and roll legacy of the place, which centers around Gram Parsons (obviously) but also Keith Richards.

Everything comes back to Keith Richards, no? I mean, LOOK AT THAT HAIR. Anita Pallenberg's hair is pretty good too.

(Photos by Michael Cooper circa 1969 via F/F via MS.MS.)


  1. shut the hell up. look at keith. LOOK AT HIM. i die. blow gram a kiss for me. i'm so jealous.

  2. cookies, i think you should take a picture of your hair in joshua tree for us. it can be all lemony snicket with your face obscured.

  3. Have fun! I have never been to Joshua Tree and I've always wanted to go... I will just have to live vicariously through you for now.

    P.S. I second Lauren's comment.

  4. WHAT?! you know i lived in jt for two years, right? that i was the honorary young MAYOR of joshua tree? and we lived in a restored homestead cabin 1 mile from the entrance of the park and that i got my art career started at the red arrow?

    and the music didn't stop when gram parsons died- victoria williams plays at pappy & harriet's on sunday nights, and sometimes robert plant drops in. please, for the love of god, do whatever it takes to spend the evening at pappy's. you won't regret it:

  5. @lauren you know i took an instant picture of ESB once (in the desert, no less) and it failed to develop, shit stayed black.

    true story.

    @esb have fun. super jelly.

  6. this makes me want to go back to joshua tree sososo bad. went with a bunch of boys in college (hubby included) that are all into climbing. i sat in the sun and read novel after novel. it was wonderful and these pics have me feeling all nostalgic. :)