Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear ESB: I hate frills

After much stress and tantrums, I have finally found a wedding dress. I *really* didn't want a strapless dress, but that's what I've ended up with. (I love my dress). But now, because it's strapless, I need something to wear to cover my shoulders for the ceremony (non negotiable, no bare shoulders). A little jacket or something. But I kinda hate all the bolero jackets around for wedding dresses. The all seem to be frilly or lacy or have huge flowers on them. My dress is plain, modern and simple. Because that's what I like. I look stupid in anything too girly anyway.

Got any ideas?

kisses from the UK


Obviously, you should wear a leather jacket.

This Alice by Temperley is a great version of the classic motorcycle jacket.

For wearing with a wedding dress, I also like the Roberta Jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around, but I can't promise they'll ship to the UK.

(Thanks are due to cevd and kidchamp, who leapt right in when I tweeted, "Where should I shop for a leather jacket?")


  1. Dear Reader,

    If you do take ESB's advice for the love of pete PLEASE send her a photo to post. I am dying to see a bride at the altar in a leather jacket.

    Also, a womens tuxedo jacket with the sleeves pushed up would be elegant.

  2. @esb. P.S. I wore a leather jacket with my dress when it got cold. Coolest I have ever felt. Period.

  3. Totally thought along the same lines as jess. If the leather jacket doesn't work, you should def go the tux way. I love this jacket:

    It's not leather but it sure as hell isn't a floral bolero.

  4. What about a super simple ballet shrug a la Black Swan.

  5. Love both the leather jacket and the tux jacket. Sexy. You could also find something bad ass in white:

    Still tailored with more masculine styling, but you know, bridal.

  6. Oh ESB, just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler, you tell someone to dress like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Awesome. (And I realize I'm probably not conveying it well, but I am not being sarcastic at all.) Bad ass.

  7. Girrrrrrrrl please look at these:

    Leather tux jacket!

  8. Eep! This was me. A leather jacket, why didn't I think of that? You rule ESB.

    My mother actually has a long running joke that my sister will get married in black leather (my sister is a bad ass) She would probably a) have a heart attack if I did, and b) come round from resuscitation loving it.

    Love the tuxedo jacket idea as well. Both so simple and yet so perfect.

    Ok, If I do the leathers, I'll send in a pic.

  9. That is absolutely stunning advice. It makes me want to change my look.

  10. This is such a unique idea! I think I would go with a cropped leather jacket or leather bolero so as not to obscure that lovely dress too much.

  11. i like the tux and leather jacket ideas, but i'd still lean towards lighter colors. may i suggest:

  12. Love the leather jackets, but if all you're looking to accomplish is to cover your shoulders, why not have sleeves/straps added to the dress you have?

  13. okay I know I'm a little late to the game here, but I just stumbled upon this tailored cropped jacket on sale at ASOS, and thought it might be PERFECT FOR YOU. Look, the model's even wearing a DRESS WITH IT: