Monday, February 21, 2011

Fuck yellow shoes

Oct 18, 2010

Dear ESB-

I am getting married next June (woot) and have already purchased my dress (double woot, I was not looking forward to this part of the planning and it ended up being pain free. and fun). I love my dress. It is just what I was looking for: a simple shape in an interesting fabric. I have an hourglass figure so this 50's silhouette is usually what is most flattering on me. So now that I have the dress I have no clue what to do with it. Short dress means there is a lot of pressure on the shoes.

I attached 2 photos of the dress. I don't want to look prissy and sullen (image 1) or too indie vintage (image 2). I want to look effortless and hot. I want to look like a grownup but not like your mom. I want to wear yellow shoes. 

Any styling advice? I am not always the best at accessorizing. If your advice is get a new dress thanks for nothing.



Oct 20, 2010

I realize now I was a little defensive about my dress. I hadn't been reading your blog to know whether Elizabeth Dye was too "sweet" for your taste. However now that I have been reading through all your back posts (instead of working I might add) that you also love you some Liz. For serious though yellow shoes! I probably need to wait for spring to actually find something. I am just clueless on where to start in terms of style. hmph.


Oct 21, 2010

I'm gonna put this in my pending folder and keep my eyes peeled for yellow when the spring shoes come out. There is shit-all available right now ;)


Feb 10, 2011

Hey there-

I am revising my shoe help request from the fall. No yellow shoes. Fuck yellow shoes and matching my shoes to my invitations etc. I want neutral colored shoes that make my legs look long. Gray perhaps?

I am not being high maintenance and wearing 2 dresses. I am however being high maintenance and wearing 2 pairs of shoes.

Pair 1: Grown up shoes with some kind of heel. Nothing crazy with a 4 inch heel.

Pair 2: Flats I can dance all night in.

Any thoughts?

Also, loving that you post so much lately. fun.


Mkay, "effortless and hot" in a mid-heel is a little tricky. They can tend to look a little more "office-y and drab" (IMHO), especially in neutral shades.

How do you feel about red?

Or you could just wear these YELLOW REPETTOS all night long.* Totally hot.

*There is a dearth of yellow heels happening right now, (something to consider if you were counting on wearing yellow shoes with your wedding dress) but little yellow flats are starting to crop up.


  1. are you by chance an 8.5, letter-writin' bride? these say adventures in babysitting in a way i appreciate, and they're yours for $20. also they were made in spain, so you can sing "spanish shoes" to the tune of "spanish bombs" when you're getting ready.

  2. @lauren @Mouse I am embracing 80's shit that I never liked in the 80's. what's that all about?

  3. I wore yellow shoes, and it was my favorite part of my wedding look! (Another reason why I loved my yellow shoes: imagining one of my bridesmaids from hell and her mother saying, "She looks like she's wearing shoes that a dog peed on!" - and yes, they actually told me that they were going to be thinking this (and whispering to their fellow pew-mates) the entire time I was walking down the aisle.)

  4. Yay, that is my dress, too! I wore it with a pair of gold sequin shoes with red patent heels (Kate Spade, ugh, but the red heels were too fun to resist) and a trench coat for our courthouse secret elopement. Looking for some simple, fun shoes to wear for a summer BBQ and I'm loving the suggestions. The yellow repettos are AMAZING.

  5. @esb i was going to ask you about that! ben always turns his nose up at 80ish things i might like, citing that he actually had to LIVE through that sh*t the first time.

    anyways. those are great. but also, consider blaaaack!

  6. Hi guys-
    I am the gal who needs the shoes. @Laruen they are not my size! Sad. I am a 7.5/8.

    Thanks for the ideas folks, keep em coming!

  7. First of all, I LOVE the dress!

    Secondly: I thought she said f*ck yellow shoes, and she wants gray/neutral shoes now? I may be confused (sorry) but going with these neutral finds:

    Pair one:
    (love the stitching)

    or these:

    or these:

    Pair two:
    I wore Frye boots like these on my wedding day, so I'm biased but these are cute for dancing the night away:

    (and you can wear 'em again and again)


  8. I'm also confused on whether you want yellow or neutral but, I am wearing yellow for my wedding (had an awful time finding some)and finally last week found (what I consider) perfect ones.. not too big a heel, and a comfy wedge for support.

  9. I tried on that dress at the Elizabeth Dye shop in Portland last month. DE-vine. Still having trouble deciding between that and the "For Emily" dress she designed...

    As for shoes, if you're willing to reconsider yellow and go with... aquamarine... (close, right?) these seem to be calling out to that dress to me:

  10. Love the YELLOW REPETTOS! The price hurts a little though. Yikes!

  11. okay i have spent 30 mins trying to find a picture i KNOW someone blogged of these perfect heels from Zara's spring/summer 2011 collection BUT TO NO LUCK. however, they're a mid-height heel, suede, and come in navy blue or yellow-chartreuse. if you're near a Zara go try to find them!

    (also, in general, Zara's shoes rock, perfect mix of affordable + not expensive, and i've been able to sustain many 8+ hours at weddings in their sky-high heels...)

  12. That is such a beautiful dress I am smitten. It looks like Blair Waldorf is eloping with Chuck, I even love the neck flower. However, her flowers need some work. Where is Eli Whitney?

  13. HI all-
    letter-writing girl again. To clarify, I want neutral shoes. My bridesmaids are wearing yellow skirts and I don't want the whole thing to be too paint-by-numbers.

  14. and to clarify again, I don't necessarily need a mid-heel, just no 4+ inch stilettos!

  15. @esb I know, right? I have no idea. But there it is. Even worse, I have been tempted to buy new versions of the exact same shit I actually HAD in the eighties. And early nineties. (shiver shiver)

  16. I can squeeze my size 9 foot into a pair of 8.5 yellow heels, right? lauren, those shoes are SO AWESOME!
    I am the previously mentioned yellow-shoe seeking bride, and those are pretty much what I had in mind but couldn't find for the life of me. didn't even think of looking on ebay...

    sofia- I don't know heels, but I live in flats (me=tall girl). two words: born shoes. you could dance all night and you're feet'll like you didn't do anything more than walk from your kitchen to your living room.

  17. OK, I know you don't want yellow anymore, but these are adorable

  18. these are pretty and not too high:

    and these have cute ruffles:

    both are wear-again-able.

    Whoops I found some yellow ones too:

  19. Oh, please don't do neutral with such a cute short dress. It will look like the shoes you leave under your desk at work!

    If you don't want to be matchy-matchy, what about esb's red? or teal? or green! or some wonderful print.