Friday, February 18, 2011

If I were to get married now...................

from Noel of Pour Porter

When I got married 7 (going on 8) years ago, I didn't want any giant stress-o-rama production or some foo-foo coconut confection of a dress. I'm pretty low key, hate attention, and am decidedly unromantic. I wore a simple cream A.P.C. dress with a watercolor paint splatter pattern, vintage heels, and a vintage black clutch. We tied the ol' knot  in a beautiful local park with a magistrate, the husband's family, and my older sister looking on. The vow exchange took a max of 3 minutes, we signed the paperwork, and took everyone out for really good sushi. In a nutshell, it was fun, unfussy, and pretty much damn near perfect. BUT, I have to admit it is fun to fantasize about a do-over just because who doesn't like trawling about online for dresses and accessories?!

1. The dress. I'm a pretty casual gal so this Malene Birger dress is perfect - just dressed up enough to not feel TOO casual.

2. The accessories. I feel like this Aesa necklace helps elevate the dress above the ho-hum.

3. The shoes. Um guys, flat wood platforms = COMFORT + HEIGHT (I need all the help I can get). ILU CACHAREL.

4. The ring. I'm not a diamond lover. I have a ring with diamonds, but it's not ye olde engagement diamond. I love the simplicity of this pyrite ring, and believe it or not, a square band is much more comfortable than a traditional round one. I have one of the designer's other ring styles and love how I can't feel it.

5. The bag. I can't live without having something to help carry all of the junk I feel insecure without. This Margiela maple front clutch is A+ + to the nth.


p.s. In case you've just arrived, be sure to catch up with the rest of the If I were to get married now................... series.



  2. noel, you used "trawling" correctly and i love you for it.

  3. what cevd said!

    esb, i like how you kept all those ellipses in........... hahahhaa.

  4. Lauren,
    My mother was an English grammar nazi - she beat it into me. ;)

  5. Esb,
    Thanks for the opportunity to grace your hallowed digital pages. I'm glad my performance anxiety didn't kill me. :)

  6. @PP p.s. i love that those wedges match your logo

  7. ESB,
    I'm a sucker for pale pink, which is funny since I never wear it!