Sunday, February 13, 2011

omg, you guys

i am pooped.

this week i spent six 13-hour days working on a movie,* and i've got six more days to go. so i'm coding my little brains out trying to sched posts for you guys. (purely for selfish reasons, you understand. if i didn't have your comments to read throughout the day when i duck into the bathroom to pee, i'd go beezonkers.)

Photo by Cary Tijerina

*i'm not directing this one -- i'm script supervising, which basically means it's my job to be the obsessive-compulsive on set.


  1. Glad you're not dead.

    Life wouldn't be the same without a little wedding coolitude and pointed advice.

  2. Thinking of your readers while zombie-like is tres appreciated!

  3. Just went to that wikipedia link for script supervisor and DAMN.

    Sending a virtual gluten-free zucchini bread your way

  4. I think Im pretty jealous of your life right now. Though not the pooped part. Have fun!

  5. @Brigitta I am piecing it all together ;)

  6. wow that photo is the perfect visual for how i have felt this week.
    hope you get some rest soon.

  7. your life is TOO COOL! can we have an esb screening for one of these movies sometime? :)