Monday, September 5, 2011


Dear ESB,

Although I could write an essay on the in-law drama I've had over the past 11 months, I'll spare you and me and cut to the real, pressing issue-at-hand: cowboy boots.

I have a beautiful pair of ivory silk Louboutins for my ceremony and cocktail hour but, much to the dismay of my mother, I want to wear cowboy boots to my reception. Not in the cheesy "I'm from Texas" way, but in the "I want to dance my ass off and I love boots" kind of way. And though I have 5 pairs of well worn boots, none of them seem a fit with my dress which, although fancy, was made for a great pair of boots. This is the dress but mine will be Ivory with a blush underlayer. Can you help me find the perfect boots? In 2 weeks?? HELP!

yours truly,
barefoot bride




  1. If you're insistent upon boots, fuck cowboy boots. Go with a good pair of Frye boots. They're slightly more motorcycle, but you can get them to appear "cowboyish" ... if you must. They last for fucking ever and they're comfy as shit. I live in Wyoming, therefore live in mine during the winter.

    Cowboy boots are cheesy and overdone. Plus, most of them look like shit these days and are way overpriced. And, yes, no matter what, it'll scream "I'm from Texas."

  2. @esb. Yes. Born here. Left. Came back. Moving to Australia eventually.

  3. I second the Frye boots..especially with that dress. Maybe this will FINALLY replace the cheesy leather-jacket-make-me-look-like-a-bad-ass phase... :::fingerscrossed::::

  4. Totally agreeing with ESB on this one. Boots are a no.

  5. sometimes it's just as simple as that.

  6. if you really want cowboy boots, I'd go with with TAN ones. They won't distract too much (like a white, black or brown) but will still give you the ability to stomp around the dance floor. In good shape, not too schlumpy or beat up, with just enough vintage wear.

    maybe something like this:

    But... I used to live in Texas so cowboy boots with wedding dresses don't phase me. It's just a way of life down there.

  7. Can someone explain to me the whole "Louboutins for my wedding" thing? WHY does anyone need $800 shoes with a 5" heel for an event during which you're going to be on your feet for 12 hours? IT'S MADNESS.

  8. I actually saw an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where a girl successfully pulled off a pair of brown cowboy boots with a lace gown. It's your wedding, do what you are comfortable with and be yourself!


  9. @Lauren
    A. Say Yes To The Dress is a total horrorshow, and the reason we can't have nice things.

    B. People pull off cowboy boots with wedding dresses on the regular, that doesn't mean esb has to aid in the practice.

    C. Doing what you are comfortable with and being yourself is really wonderful, and people should definitely do that on their wedding day. Know what's totally not comfortable? Breaking in good leather boots a week before your wedding, cowboy or otherwise.

  10. unless you're getting married on a farm, on a ranch, or in the woods near a farm or ranch, I'd forget the cowboy boots

  11. girl, quit lying to yourself with this "i want to dance my ass off at the reception" BS. there are a million and a half comfortable dancing shoes out there that would look FABULOUS with that dress.

    own up to the fact that YOU JUST WANNA WEAR COWBOY BOOTS, DAMMIT !! in fact, you probably already have a pair picked out that you kinda like, and you're just writing to make sure that people don't think you're crazy for wearing boots to your wedding. WHO CARES ! go ahead with your bad self. people have done weirder shit.

  12. madewell always has adorbs leather kicks. sometimes boots just don't go- and with that dress they DON'T

  13. Boots? With this dress?... perhaps not cowboy boots, looks-wise, unless your dress will cover them. But if you're not sure about comfort in heels (and, erm, 5-inch heels doesn't usually indicate comfort), by all means bring a pair, or a pair of comfy flats, or sandals, or flip flops, or whatever you'll be able to walk in at that point in time. In all honesty: perfect looks over the course of 12 hours vs not enjoying your reception OR honeymoon due to massive foot pain and blisters. Choose wisely.

    Regarding the recommendation above, though: in terms of general comfort/awesomeness, Frye boots are pretty fantastic, they last forever, and they go with almost everything. Highly recommended!

  14. Have you also considered that your dress will be the wrong length after being fitted to the Louboutins and will be a total mess? So yes, the queer boots will be covered by the dress ... and then some. And will be stomped on ... and then some.

  15. I love cowboy boots, and yes in the cheesy Texas way! (I am a true Texan living in Chicago and have quite the collection of vintage cowboy boots) But seriously...I too wanted to dance my ass of so I had my beautiful long dress in which I wore these sick vintage Valentinos I somehow found...then switched dresses (I pretty much always wear dresses- and a lot of the times with Cowboy boots) to something sassy and fun that worked with these Corral boots I had made....BEST DECISION ever! I love looking back at the pictures in my wedding dress and heels...but also that my "second look" was totally me! Plus I danced 4 hours non-stop with out any trouble!

  16. Can I just say that you're all assholes? The bride wearing this dress (Claire Pettibone, Kristene) is obviously bohemian, fabulous, and thinks outside of the box. Why is everyone so quick do judge? Maybe she DID grow up on a farm. Maybe she DID live in the south. Why are you all assuming that she's trying too hard just because she wants to wear cowboy boots? They're chic, have been forever. And as a HUGE fan of Frye's (I have multiple pairs), I can agree that they're amazing and comfortable but the last thing I'd suggest wearing if you're going out of your way to not be trendy. Try harder. Bride to be, you clearly have amazing taste by choosing that dress, so trust your instincts.

    By the way, I work at the boutique where Say Yes to the Dress is filmed, and although the show is horrid, the store is classy and so are it's brides that are off-camera. Therefore, you're out of touch to assume that this bride hasn't been measured for her Louboutins (and why is everyone assuming that all Loubs are 5"? Do you know anything about designer shoes?) AND her cowboy boots?

    Finally, weren't forums meant to be helpful?

  17. Of course we're assholes. Did you not see the sub-header?

    First time? Lemme get you a scotch. You'll need. it.

  18. Since when are shoes that are intended to protect your feet from mud, dirt, hooves, chaffing, and fucking excrement chic? They are 99% lame when not used in their intended purpose. I say that having OWNED HORSES.

  19. @esb: Thank you for allowing your tweets to be accessible.

  20. I agree with 17 beats. If you want to wear boots, then just wear your boots. But I wouldn't recommend buying new ones and trying to break them in in 2 weeks. Even if they are Fryes.

    (That said, I really don't think boots go with that dress. At all.)

  21. @esb. Arm's not twisted enough yet.

  22. Go to Urban West Clothing, they have some that are tan w/a pink design,Stetsons Style Number: 12-021-6102-0510WI ; Style Number: 12-021-6102-0520BR ; Discount Western Wear item #10001167
    Style #:10001167 ; and search women's pink cowboy boot, lots more. It's your day, wear what you want, NO EXCUSES!

  23. I think the only kind of boots that will be comfy for "dancing your ass off all night" would be a well worn pair you already own. Otherwise you are in for a night of blisters. Just buy some comfy flats or fess up that you are trying to make some kind of (strange hipster) fashion statement.

  24. lady. i'm from Texas and I don't think this is a good idea. your dress is so delicate!

    here's what i've got though:

    get 'em short.
    boots get weird when they hit your calve at a certain point.

    get 'em blue.
    just do it.

    and don't get a long foot.
    you'll look like a clunk master. nobody wants to be a hick on their wedding day.

    and if it's really that important to you, call everyone you know (extended family in texas??) to get out and hit up the thrift stores. that's the only place you'll find exactly what you're looking for. trust me.

    vintage blues

    blue suede

    dark blue

  25. @Melissa: I agree. It always makes me feel a little weird, as someone who has ridden, owned and trained horses since the age of 9, when I see "equestrian wear" out on the streets as a fashion choice. Those clothes are meant to be USED. It's like, what if astronaut suits suddenly were chic??? I realize it's probably not weird to anyone else but us horse-ladies, though.

    To the bride, wear the boots if that's what you want! You didn't ask for our opinions, you asked for us to find you a nice pair. However, new boots cause blisters almost without fail. Can any of your old pairs be given some new life by a cobbler, or just a real good cleaning and conditioning? That's the route I would recommend.

  26. boots make my feet hurt. (do i just wear the wrong ones?)

    show us what you get when you do.

  27. I wore Frye boots with my wedding gown. Granted, it was an outdoor wedding on an old plantation. (You can kinda see the boots in this photo, a goofy outtake from my bridal portrait.)

    A similar pair of Fryes that would work.

    Also, I spotted this pair of boots over the weekend and fell in LOVE.

    Wear boots if you want to! I loved my wedding boots. Good luck. xo.

  28. those sam edelmans are PERFECT.

    not blue...but perfect enough. :)

  29. Barefoot bride - I found one more pair that would go with the "blush underlayer" of your dress. Check 'em out here.

    Clearly, I'm all about boots. Sorry, esb! xo.

  30. That was my wedding dress too. I loooooved it. I'm all for wearing whatever you want on your wedding day, but just a heads up, the bustling was complicated on this one (because of the many layers of lace). It is, however, SO COMFORTABLE to dance in. Have a blast!

  31. Is it just me, or would cowboy boots be way hot and sweaty to dance for hours in? I got the littlest, least-shoe-like leather slippers I could get my hands on because dancing? You really want to do it barefoot. This is WHY at dances all the girls who were crazy enough to wear heels immediately shed them.

    I wore the same tiny leather shoes for the ceremony/pictures. It is also beyond me why anyone would want to wear ginormous heels-- or heels at all-- especially if their dress COVERS the dang things. (Then again, I'm the same height as my husband, so short girls are off the hook...)

  32. Bahahahahahahahaaha to the Say Yes To The Dress anon commenter freak out.