Thursday, September 29, 2011

happy thursballz!

Don't hate me for saying so, but I could rly use an extra day this week.

I'm script-suping on a six-day shoot starting tomorrow, and next Thursday we leave for Vancouver (WOOT!) Not sure when I'll find the time to scour Wasteland for new (old) t-shirts.


There's a scandalous new Dear ESB up on 100LC for you. SCANDALOUS. I'm not exaggerating.

The lovely Kristina even used the word "wh-re" when I sent it to her. I know.

Photo: Kim Noorda by Viktor Vauthier for Tank Fall 2011 via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I love the armchair psychologists in the comments there, "It just sounds to me that she has some serious issues and isn’t happy in her own life."

    It sounds to me like she's a controlling spoiled brat who has always gotten her way and everyone just lets that happen b/c there will be tantrums. WTF, like life is some kind of Lifetime movie where rationality and reasonable discourse can move mountains like these. :||

  2. I didn't think "wh-re" was in Kristina's vocabulary!

    I'd stay out of all that drama, if I were the MOH. Let those suck-y people throw some lavish dinner. Eat up! Get drunk!

    I am so lucky to have an awesome mother-in-law. That bride has a long road ahead of her. xo.

  3. I'm not sure I understand all of those sentences but I would like those first glasses.

  4. before you know it, she'll be throwing around "cunt" like nobody's business.

  5. "If today is Thursballz, does that make tomorrow Fri-dick?" --my husband