Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeking: sexaay intimates for a hipster boy

Dear ESB,

Where does a straight man go for some sexaay intimates? Undies, a robe, non-gross aftershave, maybe even some cool socks and sock garters (OK, sock garters are my thing, and he probably won't want to wear them, but still...)? 

I know everyone's definition of what constitutes "sexy" underthings is different, but you know the kind of shit your readers tend to like. Something that's not Hanes His Way, but that's also not a thong or a pair of over-sized purple silk boxers pre-scented with Axe body spray. Something that says he's scrubbed, stylin', and went out of his way to look nice for you. 

Are there one-stop-shop places for intimates for hipster guys, like there are for gals? Or is my man (and me too) SOL? 

PS: Honeymoon is in Hawaii so no super-heavy fabrics



Sock garters are your thing?

Do the rest of you have bizarre fetishes i ought to know about??


As far as a one stop shop for hipster boys, Steven Alan is about as close as you can get. (And when you say "hipster," I assume you mean yipster, because hipsters don't scrub all that often. Obviously.)

Steven Alan isn't carrying pajama bottoms at the moment, which kills me because the pair I bought for H last year are SO BEST, but I assume their boxers are just as good.

And I like the sound of the manly apothecary items they carry, like Citrus/Ginger Sea Salt Spray + Sea Kelp/Clary Sage Bath Salt.

H is also a huge fan of Malin + Goetz, especially the Peppermint ShampooCilantro Hair Conditioner and Bergamot Body Wash.

I really ought to buy him the Cannabis Candle ("addictive and sexy")!

Realizing I sorta didn't fully answer your question. Oh well. I got a little pre-Christmas brainstorming done.

Photo: February 12, 1909, "James Clarke, winner of Brooklyn Marathon, with others," 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection via Shorpy


  1. I'm sure this is disappointing but I'm not much help on this. The only thing I've come across are sock garters.
    I clad my undercarriage in patagonia boxers, not exactly very yipster of me.

  2. if the joe could be convinced to wear a robe, it would probably be a pendleton robe. the grey is utterly classic.

    for aftershave, you want something from kiehl's (classic again); if you decide to venture all the way into a scent, try something by odin, comme des garcons (i recommend incense kyoto), or cb i hate perfume.

    as for socks, give muji a try; these are colorful without being foppy. one mustn't go foppy when going upscale.

  3. Beaded thong not your thing? :[

    I find a good pair of fitted boxers are very sexy. Ted Baker also has fun socks.

    Lab series for men is really great product too. The shave cream is good, and not a lot is needed for a close and comfortable shave, they have lost of aftershave options too. (I like buying product from Sephora because their return policy is A+)

    For ladies Fortnight is nice and Nighttimes.

    The only place I've seen men's robes is Nordstroms, and this is a nice one btw.

    You could hold off on the robes for Hawaii since many hotels provide them too.

  4. @ABBFT in fact, it was a gay man who introduced me to Steven Alan 10 years ago. And the Malin + Goetz flagship store is in Chelsea.

  5. I love it when my house smells like cannabis (bookmarking that candle for Christmas)

  6. This beard oil is supposed to be amazing.

    Then, there's this "beard lube."

    My husband is more geek than hipster. If he were to wear a robe, it would be a Jedi robe. Good luck! xo.

  7. Okay, it is weird that I know this (my excuse is that I am a costume designer), and I am not, repeat not into them, but this site sells sock garters.

  8. Opening Ceremony has some cute boxers, but mesh? Hmmm...

  9. tolsom after shave slash is my favorite!! This is a great question too, guys don't have enough options in this area!

  10. American Apparel, love it or hate it, has a selection of soft tees, transparent vees, and loose tanks that could make for some sexy casual loungewear for the hipster-boyfriend types.

    They've also got lots of shorty shorts and boxers, too.

    The rainbow assortment of undies is pretty fun, too.

  11. has every kind of underwear ever. no matter your taste.

  12. This comment is absurdly late, but Sock Dreams carries a wide variety of awesome socks, as well as sock garters. Free shipping, and everything is tested out by Really Nice People.