Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear ESB: Should I skip the necklace?

I'm stuck on wedding day jewelry.

I have the dress, which looks like this, except I think I'm going to take off that shoulder and the train during alterations. It should be noted that I look nothing like that girl - I'm 5'1, pale, brunette, and about a size 18.

I'm already wearing these, which I love, but I feel like there needs to be something else going on here. I'd love to wear a necklace, but I'm allergic to some kind of unidentified metal (technically I shouldn't be wearing those earrings, but my ears don't react anywhere near as badly as my neck does). So the necklace would either have to be 14k gold or higher, which I don't have the money for, or not metal.

Can you think of anything that would work? Or should I just skip the necklace entirely and go for a bracelet and something fabulous on my head?



You don't need a necklace, lady.

I saw a perfectly gorgeous bride on a wedding blog recently -- I won't call her out -- but her necklace was TOO MUCH. It distracted from the neckline of her dress and her, um, décolletage (what a douchey word).

Anyhoo. I bet you have a GREAT décolletage.


  1. AGREED. Love the dress and you picked the perfect earrings. Skip the necklace.

  2. I totally agree! The neckline of my dress is similar, and while I really wanted to wear a necklace (just bc they are my go-to accessory and I only wanted to buy stuff I would be able to wear often) it just didn't work. Plus, If you're shorter, a necklace will likely cut off your neckline. A bracelet and fabulous head thing sounds perfect.

    Great earrings by the way!

  3. agree w/ESB, and i bet your allergy is to nickel; it's very common (i'm allergic to nickel, much to my dismay, as costume jewelry is fun) and reactions are as you describe.

    on non-wedding jewelry, have you tried stainless steel or niobium (the least reactive metal jewelers use)? different look, of course, but hypoallergenic.

  4. @lauren: Yes! The dodgy jewellery in those accessories shops is so much more interesting than "real" jewellery. Given the number of women with nickel allergies, I'm sure there's a market for someone to make that fun jewellery with good metal. I'd buy it.

    Also, earrings are the bomb. No-one will miss the necklace, especially if your earrings are awesome.

  5. The earrings are nothing short of fabulous. Makes me wish my ears would take to piercing. And you definitely don't need a necklace, the dress and earrings are special enough.

    But if you really wanted a necklace, you could try something in the small pearl or glass bead family?


  6. You don't have to do a necklace, but you could do a bracelet. I wore a vintage brooch pinned to a ribbon tied around my wrist like a cuff. If it were only ribbon touching your skin you shouldn't have a reaction. I don't know if you really need anything else though, your dress has some pretty details so it's already got a lot going on. Agreed that the earrings are gorge.

  7. I didn't wear a necklace or bracelet. Maybe I should have worn more but I didn't feel like I needed it.

  8. i think i know EXACTLY which necklace in which blog you're talking about, esb. i remember clicking through photos thinking, "what a gorgeous wed... HOLY NECKLACE."

    skip the necklace.