Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hinged Strung Stitched: handmade albums, books + boxes

For those of you still on the hunt for the perfect wedding album, Hinged Strung Stitched makes these simple, beautiful pieces by hand in their Portland studio.

Materials for the albums are all 100% cotton rag, acid free + archival, which I learned from my dear archivist readers (multiple! I've got multiple archivist readers!) is pretty crucial.

First person to say "$200 for a blank book?" gets STRUNG UP. You are welcome to go to Walmart and buy a cheap-ass non-archival album, or source the acid-free paper and bind a motherfucking archival album yourself, but I really don't want to hear it.


  1. Amazing... I have been looking for the perfect album, and these are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous. And if anyone complains, my photographer charged several hundred dollars for an album, which was part of a package, but still. Makes $200 look cheap- and these are gorgeous.

  3. These are lovely, but I think I'm going the Kolo route (which I found out about via a comment on the last album post). It is also 100% acid-free and archival, can be expanded to 50 pages (aka 100 sides), and works with a lot of different photo layouts. Per the archivists' instructions, I'll be using photo corners (rather than glue) to hold my pictures.

  4. LOVE THEM. And totally archivist approved!

  5. umm wow! amazing.
    And after the last album post i had given up and started assembling a pinhole press book.
    I might have to rethink it all again!

  6. These are freaking gorgeous. I love the simplistic elegance of it. Totally timeless!