Monday, September 19, 2011

Seeking: ROYGBIV Wedding Flats


My best friend is getting married this fall and is looking for some rainbow flats. Her wedding colors are ROYGBIV and each of her seven bridesmaids is wearing a dress with one of those colors. She needs to wear flats because her FH is slightly shorter than her. We've tried to find flats on our own with little success, so I was hoping that you would be able to help us out!

Thank you so much!

PS. I almost forgot, she wears a size 10 and it would be nice if the shoes were less than $100... She's on a shoestring budget! Thanks again!


I was all ready to tell you to tell the bride to GET OVER THE FUCKING RAINBOW THING when I found these multi-color glitter lace-ups by Anniel (available at Bird).

I mean.

I'm crossing my fingers that she's a smallish 10 (I.E. a European 40) because they're out of stock in size 41. But larger sizes are avail in silver glitter over here.


  1. sandals?

  2. ESB, i'm amazed that you were able to find something so subtle and classy. those shoes are an excellent choice.

    i agree that the rainbow shoes idea seems a little heavy handed. isn't white made of all the colors, anyway (according to physics or something ?) could she do a rainbow bouquet instead ?

  3. those shoes are so bleepin cute i can't even handle it. i may have to pop over to Bird ...

  4. A few options:

    Night Walker
    Spring Dreams
    French Sole Loop
    Naturalizer Berlynn (These are wedges, but they have the most rainbow color scheme, and Naturalizer tends to be comfy.)

  5. @17beats I KNOW. and they look so COMF.

  6. @Allyson @Easy maybe you guys didn't get the message that *actual rainbow* is super dumb idea??

  7. whatever, literal rainbow haters. i'll be over here in my purple wizard moccasins, tryna remember how to lace up my l.a. gear.

  8. are the maids all in one of the ROYGBIV colors? do their shoes match their dress? if so, I'd imagine the bride would do the same and wear white shoes.

  9. We did ROYGBV (minus I. Indigo just gets in the way of Purple). But I wore gold sandals. I like ESB's non-literal take on things. But then again, I like anything with sequins.

    On a separate note, is it just because I'm 5'3" but where is it written that tall girls can't wear heels and be taller than their intended?

  10. Ahem, glitter. Sorry. I like anything with glitter.

    Or sequins.

    Really, just sparkles.

  11. Maddie, yes at 5'3'', you probably can't understand why she wants to wear flats. At 6', I totally get it. Before my husband, I was always taller than my boyfriends. I guess it shouldn't have influenced my shoe choices, but it always did (probably because SOME ASSHOLE always had something snide to say about my height and how HILARIOUS it was that I was the tall one in the relationship).

  12. You can buy similar shoes to the ones ESB suggested but for a fraction of the price at dance shops - rainbow/silver glitter soft lace ups. I'm not suggesting any brand because I'm not in the States. I found a pair for £10 in a dance shop near me and they were almost identical to the ones suggested here. Maybe worth a look.

  13. This bride wore white Chuck Taylors, which I kinda love. Good luck. xo.

  14. Hey these are flat!

    I agree with Hillary, though. If dresses match shoes then the bride should consider white. Patent silver, maybe?

  15. OMG how long did you have to look to find these!! perseverance was worth it definetively!!!

  16. LADY (aka @ESB).

    but i can't judge a love of colors.
    you wouldn't believe the color explosions i routinely choose to clothe my body.

    color me VARIED every day of my life.

  17. know what fits the bill but is not available online anywhere anymore?

    these shoes:

    not to be unhelpful or anything... ;)

  18. oh man, i totally wrote in! thanks y'all! i really appreciate the help! :)

  19. collectively the ugliest shoes ever. but i hate rainbow stuff.

  20. A more literal rainbow flat: No idea about the store - it was just a quick Google search to distract me from work...
    I loved the French Sole Loop @Easy suggested.