Friday, February 6, 2009

Yeah Drea

Meg knew I was gonna love this wedding.

Drea is a metallurgist. (I know, what is a metallurgist, right?) She got married in a Chicago bake shop. And her new husband, Josh, a print/web designer, did the wedding invites + website. Of course.

But my here's my favorite part.

Drea told Meg: The two things that did the most to keep our budget low also kept us sane, and they were actually the most organic things about the wedding. We had a small wedding, 47 guests, but that was born less from a desire to be thrifty than from a desire to only be surrounded by people we know and love on our wedding day. We didn’t want to spend the whole night making polite small talk when we could be dancing.

That's the way I describe our wedding to people. It was tough, but we kept the invite list small. (Plus, we had a "destination" wedding on the remote island in BC where my dad lives, which kinda separated the wheat from the chaff.) We ended up with 50 of our closest friends and family. So perfect.

We laughed. We cried. We danced into the wee hours. Many of us drank whiskey out of mason jars. But there was no small talk.*

*Man do I hate small talk. And being polite is not my strong suit. I don't know if you've noticed.

(Photo by Michele Wayman)


  1. some more ha ha ha ha.

    also, good for you. that's the sort of wedding i would want, too. unfortunately, Boyfriend is one of those people who's still friends with everyone he has ever met from the seventh grade forward. Sigh.

  2. Whiskey out of mason jars?! Whiskey. Out. Of. Mason. Jars. ES. I. Love. You.

    F*ck small talk.

  3. Aaaaaand there is a picture of the bride hiking her skirt up over her thigh highs! Love it!!!!!

    Also, I find you very polite, like when you tell me you are going to ban DJ's WHEN I YELL ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!!

  4. You know the funny thing is, our wedding isn't that small. Well, big by my blog standards small our social circle's standards. We're aiming for 125. Of course, 75 of those are D's close-close cousins who come to EVERYTHING. And then their is the 50 friends we *had* to invite (ah, moving bi-coastally).

    Of course, the flip side is, I adore small talk. By which I mean bopping from person to person chattering away the whole time, and then shreaking, I GOTTA RUN AND DANCE BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SONG! All while drinking.

    So I'm hoping it will work out. I think we just have a lot of wheat?

    And DUDE. I KNEW you were going to love this wedding.

  5. Hey, that's me!

    I'm glad you liked it, we liked it too. Have a great weekend!

    Oh, and a metallurgist is a type of engineer. Instead of bridges or buildings I build steel.

  6. i really wish we coulda cut our list to 50, our final # was 92. the 'fat' i woulda cut are the family that are too close by relation to not invite (and not worth the grief we'd get), and some of the significant others of good friends who are, ya know, not as good. is that rude of me to say? perhaps. but honesty often comes across rude, but i still prefer it, and also why i like you.

    p.s. how's the weather? how 'bout them steelers?

  7. Snap, with the tiny guest list for reasons completely unrelated to budget and more to do with only wanting people we loved there. We totalled 48 people I think, including us.

    And whiskey from mason jars? Damn I wish I'd been invited to your wedding. I would like to be your wheat :)

    And The Maiden Metallurgist is one of the most fabulous brides I've ever seen.

  8. It just took me five whole minutes to figure out the wheat reference. CUSHION STUFFING.

    The whiskey story is awesome: We bought the mason jars for our signature cocktails (thank you Martha). But when H-town and I got done with portraits there was not a signature cocktail to be found. So my dad grabbed a jar, ran into the house, pulled out a bottle of something-or-other and poured me a huge one on the rocks.

    Many Texans followed suit later on.

  9. I absolutely loved this wedding feature, too. And I love how by the end of the night she's a little saucy showing of her stockings, because why shouldn't she be? Loved it!

  10. The cushion stuffing is contagious I tell you.

    But then again I could of course have been implying that I want to be the thing that gives you crippling migraines and makes you hate cupcakes. I see how it might appear cryptic.

  11. I know, right, peonies? I hear the word and I think, "What the f*??"

    But you can be my metaphorical wheat any time. Esp if you like to drink whiskey <3

  12. Damn, you mean I have to talk to these people? I thought I just had to feed them. And yeah, why is my man friends with everyone he's ever met since high school?