Friday, February 20, 2009

will I rot in hell for posting this?

He looks so happy.... Doesn't he?

And I f*cking love that he got married in a flannel shirt.

Photo from Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's February 24, 1992 wedding on Waikiki Beach found here.


  1. i saw this picture and my bottom lip stuck right out. like he couldn't get any happier than that exact moment.

  2. i actually think they were flannel pajamas... i saw a photo shoot w/ frances bean + she was wearing them :)

  3. He looks so happy, and she looks so... not busted. I guess that's what 17 years and a ton of coke will do to you.

  4. love it.

    I got married in jeans a husband, a suit, sneaks and an "Everybody loves Italians" T-shirt.

  5. oh, that is a cool shot even tho he married a frigging lunatic!

  6. Doc martins indeed.
    I do really like the double bouquet. And somehow it's a nice reminder to enjoy the time we have. Somethings weddings = entitlement in more ways than one.

    And just like the day isn't going to be perfect, we need to realize life isn't going to be either, and soak up the good stuff...

    Phew. Ok, Enought with the heavy.

  7. @ Naurnie - You're correct. It wasn't a flannel shirt. He actually wore pajamas to his wedding!