Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Powdered Sugar Bride

This white sparkle organza dress by sarahseven is adorable. I love the recycled strip of silver beads at the waist. (Portland, you are so green.)

But is it wearable?

If you don't want to show this much skin at your wedding, see the etsy shop for some more modest dresses.

Via {a glamorous little side project}


  1. Just started reading your blog recently--and a it's fantastic/sharp break from some of the terrible (and hive-inducing) other wedding materials out there. I almost ordered a sarahseven dress for my wedding. I asked if she'd lengthen it for me, and it turns out she'll make a lot of her dresses longer upon request. I ended up getting too nervous about buying a dress I had never tried on and couldn't return though. The mock-up would've blown my budget to smithereens.

  2. Adore the dresses at sarahseven, but this little organza one is definitely the best. It would be most definitely be fun for a wedding, or out and about on a midsummer's day . . .

    Thanks for the link-love :)

  3. This is very cute and I'm hearing the trend in gowns are short and sassy...I've just started reading your blog. It's great! Keep up the good work!