Monday, February 2, 2009

What? It's ground hog day??

I feel like this guy is kind of rubbing it in about all the sh*t I ate (and drank) this weekend.

Point taken. Time for another mini-cleanse.

p.s. I was a little disappointed with Fuck You, Penguin today. I'm not gonna lie.

(Image courtesy of deerluvr)


  1. yesterday in response to finding out i had a cold my mom asked if i had done my 'yearly fast' [cleanse] yet. ?!?! i didn't know i did a yearly fast. i guess that is her way of telling my i should. i said i would after i graduate.

    in the mean time i am thinking of accepting ben's offer to lunch at our friends new pizza & beer place. a step in the wrong direction.

    haha. i feel like i have on a disguise! mwuahahahaha.

  2. excuse me, who is this?

    and, is your mom and effing hippie? (um, like me apparently.)

  3. AN effing hippie. Irreverence just doesn't come off right with typos!

  4. Uh oh. Am I on the road to eccentric? Wait till I post about what I bought at Whole Foods yesterday.

  5. I had to read this exchange 5 fucking times before I caught your typo [cause like gestalt says I read it so fast I read it how you meant to type it] and realized you were responding to your typo and not my mom's eccentricity. f*ing e communication.

  6. The dreaded comment lag. I posted mine before I read yours :P

  7. I basically need to wire my jaw shut.

  8. No--you're totally right. I had this poetry class and a boy said he wanted his poems to be like rap, but with less bitches. The prof and I looked at him and said "fewer bitches."

  9. One of my co-workers is hardcore into cleansing/fasting. She was giving me a speech the other day about how I could lose 10-15 pounds for my wedding if I just eat watermelon for a week.

    My thoughts? Only if the fast can include watermelon Jolly Ranchers and watermelon martinis. Who needs to diet when booze gives you beer goggles anyways? (this also applies when looking in the mirror).

    All this talk of cleansing makes me want a stiff drink.