Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I miss new york today

Even if it is 30 degrees.

I'm picturing Porter and Hollister drinking top shelf bourbon and snapping photos of hot guys and just generally living up the single life.

In W'msburg, of course, not at 40th + Park.

(Yes, it's another one from the porterpolaroidproject. Her photos call to me from my google reader. "Post me! Post me!")


  1. Why am I not surprised that you drink bourbon? I really should have known.

  2. what if it's 25? oy, i'm sick of this weather... but not the city. :-)

  3. eff the burg, I'll take flatbush ;)

    Great. Now I miss it too.

  4. I saw this photo and instantly fell in love. And I've only ever visited NY.