Saturday, February 21, 2009

F* twitter

I deleted my esb account. All that tweeting about twittering was just too effing exhausting.*

And as soon as I started worrying about whether my tweets were attracting followers or directing traffic to the blog it stopped being any fun.

This is all supposed to be fun.... Right?

*Note to self: Stop blogging about blogging.


  1. I firmly believe that the only way to attract readers is to not give an F* about attracting readers... if you know what I mean.

    I really hate when people write what they think I want to read... because they always seem to think that I'm slow.

  2. yea, i dont get twitter- no worries that "it" is supposed to be the biggest thing now

  3. Pretty awesome use of imagery there.

    And twitter just seems so... banal. Who gives a sh*t what anyone is up to at any given moment? I just had breakfast. Now I'm drinking coffee. Big deal.

    You just write whatever you effing want, and don't worry your pretty little head about the readership.

  4. Thanks, I've just been wondering whether I'm missing something important. The name should've been a dead give-away no? 'Twitter' does not sound important!

  5. *I'm making tea in my underwear. My big toe itches. I go to scratch it and discover a new stretch mark on my inner thigh. I'm drinking tea now.*

    My knowledge of Twitter is pretty stunted. But, from what I do know, YOU are far too cool for that form of bastardized social networking (and the term "tweets" is just so annoying).

    And I like when you blog about blogging.

  6. I mean, Twitter rocks. I wasn't saying that. ;)

  7. Hi!

    Thanks for appreciating my picture, but I prefer not that it is blogged in this way. I have set my settings on Flickr so that it can't be downloaded, of course there are ways to do it, I know, but not as easy as it is now on your blog. Could you please remove my pic?