Monday, February 9, 2009

rats, you worked hard all year.

You deserve a break.

Plus I think I'm developing a crush on porcupines.*

Woodland Creatures Letterpress Valentines by delphine STUDIO. Via What Possessed Me

*It's a passing thing, I swear. You will always have my heart.


  1. porcupines! what's not to love?! did you know that the echidna lays eggs? they're also known as spiny anteaters and look kind of like porcupines.

  2. Love them. And I have to admit that I'm not into the rat's tail, so a porcupine actually suits me much better.

  3. dear rachel,

    as a fan of rodents and 'vermin' in general... rats' tails aren't so bad. have you ever held a baby rat? their tails feel like velvet-- white and soft-- and they curl around your fingers as if to say, "i love you, lady". by the time your baby rat is all grown up, you love him enough to see beyond the gnarly tail. besides, rats can laugh, you know. it's a high-pitched chitter that most humans can't hear. (i read that on the internet) i say this only because it makes me sad that our culture favors HAMSTERS and GERBILS over rats. they are too smart to be snake food.

    17 beats

    ps. i realize that i may have just posted 3 times in one day. i had the day off. forgive me.

  4. 17, I read your comment sitting in my car last night and I got all soft and gooey. Like I was six years old again getting a baby rat for christmas.

    You're even almost making me regret turning down the diabetic rat my cousin wanted to give us for a wedding present.

  5. I gasped when I saw this post. I think I'm developing a crush on porcupines now too.