Thursday, February 19, 2009

doc martens are so. back.

Okay, #3 is not wearing Docs. But he should be. (He reminds me of the boy I had a deep, deep crush on my junior year in high school.)

These photos were snapped by The Sartorialist in Paris, Florence and Stockholm. Now take a look over here.


  1. Oh God. I went to the nerdiest nerdfest reading at a bookstore a couple nights ago (like, nerdy not in a cool way, like in a truly unbearable LARP-ing, astral projecting, witchy-poo kind of way) and was noting how many people were wearing Docs and it creeped me out.

    I must put my delicately Margiela shod foot down on this one.

  2. I forgot to look at the shoes, but I'll gladly stare at the first two men.

  3. I can't believe it. I bought mine in the early 90's as a mother with two little kids and a minivan. In other words, trying for some kind of irony in the midst of mother fog. I still have them. I just checked, yes, they are on my shoe rack. Do they count as vintage do you think?

  4. I just bought D a pair of old school black 8-holes for Christmas. Does that make her trendy?

    I remember my many pairs of docs from middle school that I wish I still had. Forest green, pea green, navy blue, wing tips...maybe I was spoiled.

  5. Stoked. That was a trend I was in on/ didn't give up on for YEARS. I still have a very beat up pair.

    In for weddings too?

  6. I am really on the fence about this. Kind of wish I still had my old pair of oxbloods (my mom *told me* not to give them away). But in the end I think I'm with genevieve. Did it the first time.

    Okay maybe I did it the fourth time:

  7. I had a purple pair when I was 10, I loved them but they got me seriously picked on at school.

    They don't do anything for me any more.

    Nice men though.

  8. dh ah ha ha hah!!!!! i wonder if we are supposed to wear them with dresses now? and if you have red laces in your docs does it still mean you have killed someone?!?!? hahahahah.

  9. I agree with Peonies: the men beat the docs.

    Not sure about the docs. I remember feeling awkward and big-footed and heavy in them. Possibly related to the gawky age at which I happened to be wearing them.

  10. my sweet friend already has the Docs back on her feet.....don't think I can though.

  11. yeah Oxbloods! Those were the ones that I used to wear. I related to Mouse's comment about wearing them previously at a gawky age and being big-footed. But they certainly bring back memories. And they're comfortable.

  12. esb,

    can a guy like me rock the ox? What do you think? I've been on the fence for a while.

    Peep sart's oxfellow:

    ~ Max

  13. Max, I like the *idea* but Docs are just too branded for me now. (I feel the same way about Converse.)

    Vintage combat boots would be much cooler:

    And probably better made. Of course they don't come in oxblood ;)

  14. Oh nummy nummy nummies!

    On the shoes on my blog: you git um, wear them tons and I'll stalk your blog to vicariously enjoy them? Deal? :)

    Actually I will quite possibly succumb if I keep thinking about them, particularly on a payday. BADNESS.

  15. my theory:

    90's = Recession = Grunge = Cool

    NOW = Recession = Grunge = Cool


  16. I've missed mine, but am not completly convinced I should go there (or want to...)

  17. Docs don't work so well for me (I have incredibly tiny feet) but I almost always wear combat boots. And yes, even this past summer, I wore them with a baby-doll dress to an outdoor concert (Regina Spektor).

    I think grunge will be making a comback now that the economy's slumping.

    Also, I'm sick of the 80s.

  18. I think anything seen on mysocalledlife is making a come back.

    I love me some docs on other ppl but I doubt I'll go back there.