Sunday, February 8, 2009

and if you're planning to propose on valentine's day....

I think this yellow gold heart by Beth Coiner (available at auto) would make a slammin engagement ring.

Diamonds are so over.


  1. I agree...there are so many great options for rings without diamonds. For our wedding anniversary, my husband got me a silver knot ring from 'Plume' which I love. :)

    Martha B.

  2. I know! Diamonds are getting more and more creepy.

  3. I agree, well no diamonds for me at least. My fiance gave me the jumbo signet ring with our monogram from GinetteNY for our engagement. I adore it. It's gold and big and has a hint of prep.

  4. This is such a precious ring!!!! I love it : ) Thanks for the sweet post, I loved it so much I am posting the ring on my blog!! Very festive for this week, don't you think?