Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I were proposing to my boyfriend (again)*

I'd do it with this gold id bracelet from laura lobdell (filed under "five easy pieces").

The silver guitar pick is pretty rad too. But promise you won't give it to him unless he knows his way around a guitar.

Wait.... Now I'm confused. Would it be cooler if he's never been anywhere near a guitar? You tell me.

*Not that I would want to go back and change the messy, spontaneous way it happened.


  1. I love laura lobdell's work!

    And I think the way it happened sounds adorable. A my bff just had a very similar proposal situation.

  2. since ben left won't wear gold, can i have this?

  3. I know you've got something to say about those plaid pants over on Once Wed today. I can't decide.

  4. That gold ID bracelet is awesome. I'll keep it in mind, you know, in case I get the urge to ask my boy to get married.

  5. Unfortunately I'd have to get my boyfriend the cigarette butt necklace.