Saturday, February 28, 2009

Echo Park Is Not Dead

This article has inspired three people so far to send me their condolences. I know it's confusing. Eagle Rock, Echo Park. East Side hipsters. "Whatevs," you're thinking.

Just so we're clear: I don't live in Eagle Rock. I don't hang out in Eagle Rock. I don't even know how to get to Eagle Rock.

Why would I? When I can walk, from my
Echo Park bungalow, to:

1. The Friday night farmer's market. That's right, Friday night. Who wants to get up early to buy vegetables?

2. Two Boots Pizza. Okay, I can't eat the pizza, but the fact that this indie chain has branched into my neighborhoods on both coasts makes me weirdly happy. It's time for a gluten-free option, you guys.

3. Chango. The most effing hilarious hipster-watching. I can't actually vouch for the coffee (I drink mine before I leave the house), but the Arnold Palmer rocks.

4. Echo Park Lake. According to this wee adorable map by Laura, the loop around the lake is just under a mile. I should start running around it. Or walking around it. Or just sitting and feeding the ducks. I really like ducks.

5. Little Joy (pictured). I used to love this bar, but the last time I was there the patrons were all 21-going-on-16. Way to make me feel like an old married lady.

Footsie's is my new favorite bar.* A "dive" with great lighting that serves Booker's. Way to make me feel like a grupster. And yes, it's in Cypress Park (wherever that is). Don't bother with the Echo Park bars on the weekend. So. Not. Dead.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that my rad neighbor is part owner. When H-town told him how much we liked Footsie's, he gave us two tokens for free drinks. Maybe one night we'll actually get out of the house and use them. And we srsly plan to ask him where he bought the vintage fixtures.

(Image courtesy of Meltwater)


  1. I love love love all those places! Especially the Friday nite Farmers Market, and I can't wait to try Two Boots. But you left off Barragan's, where you can get $2.50 margaritas on Wednesday nights, yo!

  2. I decided to go stream-of-consciousness rather than exhaustive. Rodeo is one of your faves too isn't it? Love the enchiladas verde. Love.

  3. Just to clear things up, I didn't think you live in Eagle Rock, I thought the article was about Echo Park, because, um, I don't pay attention. Also, it had never occurred to me that Eagle Rock could have gotten that hip. ;)

    PS but the East Side thing does confuse me. Sometimes for no reason I think you live in the East Village. (See: not paying attention)

  4. And I thought you lived in Silverlake anyway!

  5. It's definitely the E--- ---k issue coupled with the whatevs issue.

  6. Wait, you know the owner of Footsies?! I've never been in, but every time we drive past D and I swear we're going to make the trip one night, just because the name is so awesome. Now we'll have to.

  7. We should meet you there! With our tokens!! That would be super fun :)

  8. true east siders would know everything about cypress park, including wherever it is. please stay in echo park.

  9. ESB! Please help. We're a couple of Aussies doing a Road Trip USA this July-September. We're starting in LA and wanna stay in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area. Having real trouble finding somewhere decent but cheap for the first 2 nights when we're jetlagged and don't wanna deal with youth hostel dorm rooms. For the rest of the trip we'll be sleeping in our to-be-bought camper van, couch surfing and hostelling. Budget is the name of the game. Except those first two nights, where we're willing to $70 a night for a private room. Please help, cheers!!