Saturday, February 21, 2009

wide legs are really here, people

And pleats. I'm not sure how I feel about pleats.*

But this putty pair by Duskin (also available in sand and black) almost has me convinced. They're slammin in a slouchy, I-don't-give-a-f*ck way that I truly appreciate.

It requires a lot of effort to dress like you don't give a fuck.**

Soon to be for sale at Steven Alan.

*They give me nightmarish flashbacks to the first "real job" I had working for an nyc press agent in 1996. I did learn to write a decent press release. And I got to meet the amazing, chain smoking Uta Hagen (and her toy poodle, GB). But I also spent a lot of time walking my boss's mentally imbalanced mutt. And after I quit I found out he was in litigation for throwing a stapler at a former employee.

**Unless you are Patti Smith. She's not faking it.


  1. i promise, they are really flattering for pleated pants! i wouldn't have produced them if they weren't!!!

  2. but, but, but... i called dibs on pleats long ago. pls give them a chance, they're all i've got...

  3. Sh*t, was I unclear? I truly think these are slammin!

  4. Eff. We really have so much in common.

    That sounds like every theatre job D and I ever had in NYC. I did meet the totally not amazing Candice Bushnell and her attention disorder working for one of my more insane bosses. And well, quite a few other famous/ mentally ill people.

    You crack me up.

  5. BLARGH! I am a hippy gal (as in wide of hips, not dirty of hair) and while I enjoy a loose trou as much as the next girl, wide leg pants make me look like a Mac truck... which isn't really the look I'm going for, just to clarify. (Even my uber-trendy sister who convinced me to try them on winced and muttered "Oh baby Jesus. Just take them off. Now.")