Monday, February 16, 2009

the next thing in bridal headgear

LITTER, made by two sisters in San Francisco from reclaimed + recycled materials. (Including watch straps, mink tails, keys, and even car parts, according to Daily Candy.)

Also check out the blog, but BEWARE: beautiful people.

I can't wait for the shoe jewelery.

Thanks for keeping me on trend, lady.


  1. that top one is lovely - very Robin Wright-Penn in Forrest Gump. I don't have just-so hair though, so doubt I could pull it off :(

  2. love this idea. like the princess in neverending story.

  3. they are really nice, but i think 20 yrs down the road when you're looking at your wedding pics, you'd be all "oy vey".

  4. omg. i need that show jewelry. SERIOUSLY? see, it will make my splurgy wedding shoes totally rad and different. you can just buy 1 pair of perfect black heels and decorate them...

    such a good idea.