Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy spring.

this morning i got up at 4:50am to take my best girl to the airport.

h and i were home by 6:20am, and we did NOT go back to bed. 

instead, i had a second cup of coffee and spent a whole hour with my script. not the new one i've been tearing my hair out outlining, but the old one i haven't touched in 6 months. i've got a rewrite due on april 11, and i've been avoiding it like the plague.

i actually accomplished something. as in: wrote a few lines of dialogue. thought up a few new scenes. 


maybe i'm turning over a new leaf.

maybe i really can hold down a full-time job (for the next 9 weeks) and keep up the ol blog and turn in this damn rewrite on time and figure out how to promote my first LA screening.


here's to new leaves.


  1. Replies
    1. whoopsy. APRIL 11.


      what was the thing i just said about how i could totally manage to do 4 things at once??

  2. Must be that second cup of coffee?

  3. good for you!

    also, BRING ALL AGES TO SEATTLE!!!!!!!

  4. i hear that. i'm trying to get up earlier, too. which is hard to do when i stay up until 1 am watching Damages. bad! bad tonia!