Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog of the Week(ish): The Jealous Curator

A lady with very good manners once told me it's not good manners to say you're jealous of somebody.


I am digging this blog, especially since I don't get to art galleries as often as I'd like.

Paintings by Michael Carson, selected by The Jealous Curator

via Joy Cho / Oh Joy! via Autumn Reeser


  1. Yeah, her blog is great (she was on a panel at Alt). Love these paintings (have them open in a tab on Pinterest right now, I think - maybe via you).

  2. The second one... is fabulous. It kills me.

  3. I like being mentioned in a paragraph proximate to your salty maid of honor note. But then, that is the delicious cipher that is East Side Bride.

  4. These paintings are fantastic! I love the dripping paint.

  5. the problem with blogs like this is that it draws attention to the blog/blogger rather than the actual artists. How often does someone browse and think I'm going to go commission work with that person, or try to find their work. It's enough just to scroll through the blog feeling like you're appreciating the work but all you're doing is bringing attention to the blogger, who has done nothing but post other's work.

    1. Yes, but without blogs like The Jealous Curator, many of us who don't have the luxury to travel the country visiting art galleries will get exposure to artwork that we may not have seen otherwise. I can't speak for others, but I know that when I see work that I love on her site, I click the provided link to the artist's site and look at more of their work (I'd love to commission or buy a piece from them, but as an artist myself, I can't really afford it).

      Any exposure is good exposure for a working artist. Besides, what is wrong with The Jealous Curator simply sharing artwork that inspires her?

    2. Thanks Allyson! I totally appreciate you having my back! And Anonymous... for me, it's all about promoting working artists. I always, always provide a link directly to their work so if you'd like to learn more, contact them directly, or buy their work you can.
      ps. Thanks for writing about the blog East Side Bride ; )

  6. I love these paintings... especially the third one down.