Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five MOTB dresses that don't suck

I pored over all your suggestions, and I decided to include nothing with a price tag over $800 (I MEAN). Also, nothing in champagne or blush.

Here are my faves...

(Badgley Mischka Portrait-Collar Peplum Dress, $440)

(Podolls Collins Dress, $440)

(DFW Maja Two Dress, $445)

At a comfier price point:

(Our old favorite J. Peterman French Film Star Travel Dress, $198)

And then there's this one:

(Badgley Mischka Asymmetric Drape Gown, $650)

Whose mom would not look good in this?


  1. pretty!

    i have a pinterest page devoted to things i'd like to see my mom in.

  2. LOVE these. Several of these are ones any size/shape mom would look amazing in. THANK YOU for pointing out that moms don't have to ONLY be put into tiered dresses or bolero jackets.

    1. Omg, I HAAAAATE the tiered dresses and bolero jackets for 'MOH dresses.'

  3. My mom wore a killer Dries Van Noten dress at my wedding last summer... but I might have to tell her to pick up the Podolls dress in case my brother ever decides to get hitched to his gf of a million years.

  4. My Mom rocked a Tadashi Shoji that looked a lot like the Badgley Mischka. She knocked it out of the park.

  5. that last dress? my 5'2 mother built like a fuckin brick house would not look good in.

  6. That last dress is stunning. STUNNING.

  7. Yeah, my short apple-shaped mom would look terrible in the last dress. She wore something from Siri to my wedding, and looked great.