Thursday, March 31, 2011

What should my Mr. Bridesmaid wear?

Dear ESB,

I need some fashion advice. My fiance and I are having a pretty large wedding party. Eight groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids. Uhh...I know. He has a lot of friends and just couldn't part with any of them. Anyway, my dilemma right now is I have a male bridesmaid. He's been my friend forever and ever and I really wanted to include him. I've seen pictures of wedding parties where a male bridesmaid is involved and they are dressed like the groomsmen. I think it looks so funny in pictures….like a groomsmen didn't get the memo on where to stand.

Here's the wardrobe breakdown. So my ladies are picking out any hot ass navy blue dress of their choice and the men will be wearing grey pants with suspenders. The groom's will include a suit jacket. Now what should my Mr. Bridesmaid wear? Should he wear navy blue pants or different colored suspenders? Is my wedding party going to turn out way to matchy matchy? Uhh I hope not! Please help! 

Also, what should we call him all day? I think Mr. Bridesmaid might not go over well.


The bridesMAN should wear a "hot ass" navy blue shirt. Without suspenders.

I think he'll appreciate being disassociated from the full-force a capella group you've got standing on the other side.

(Photo by Neil Krug via Ms. Mack via blushless)


  1. what's the bother of matching. love the a capella reference.

  2. He doesn't happen to like wearing "hot ass" navy dresses?


  3. @anna and the ring YESS! a navy MAN romper. that is amazing. And by 'amazing' I mean 'awful'

  4. ESB, I literally spat my water out onto my computer screen when I read the a capella zinger. Hi-larious.

  5. navy shirt, mmm hmm. preferably some slim-cut vintage pierre cardin action. vintage stores and ebay are a well-dressed bridesman's best friend.

  6. I am all about the skinny tie.

    Something like this: or

  7. First, let me put on my body armor before I go before the firing squad for commenting too many days in a row.

    Is this a cappella group going to be wearing the same suit as the Groom without the jacket or are they wearing any pair of odd gray trousers they have in the closest?
    If they are going the awesome route of venturing to their favorite tailor, all getting the same suit but ditching the jacket for the wedding; then send the brideman with them and stick him in a navy suit with a kick ass skinny gray tie, make him wear the jacket during the wedding.

    Also, I assume the a cappella troupe will actually be wearing a shirt under the suspenders/braces. Just keep the top half of the brideman's back from contrasting with the bridesmaids. Imagine a bunch of hot ass women in hot ass navy dresses with some dude in a white shirt amongst them, the poor boy will stick out like a surrender flag.

  8. @Rob - how refreshing to have a guy's view day after day - no firing squad here! Your note to avoid contrasting tops is brilliant; stick around.

  9. @Rob, if blogs were tv shows, I think you'd be up for a spin off. Keep it up!