Sunday, March 6, 2011

for the bride who loves LOL cats not wisely, but too much

Maison Michel Heidi Cat Ears

I know I say this all the time, so I may be crying wolf here, but WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET MARRIED IN THESE?

Dropped into my inbox -- title and all -- by the ever-watchful Stephanie.*

(I think she knew I needed a little something to tide you people over while I sleep in tomorrow. It was a long hard weekend script suping.)


*The very same who spotted the fancy wedding jeans.


  1. It makes me think of a Dear Margo column I read a while back.

  2. HILARIOUS. and a bit unnerving. but mostly hilarious.

  3. I think Eartha Kitt would have enjoyed adding these to her costume for 'Batman.' :)

  4. They are 540 bucks! I could make them for 5.

  5. @CC we here at esb have IMPECCABLE TASTE. i doubt you could DIY a set of lace cat ears that meet our standards.