Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello, FASHION-FORWARD Bridesmaids.....

(And, oh yeah, I guess the vintage-clad bride is okay too.)

I actually don't know if these ladies are her bridesmaids or just rad friends, but I am WAY INTO their shimmery, watercolor-y dresses.

Wren has a similar vibe going with their spring collection.

Shop here and here.

(Wedding photos by Becky Holladay via Once Wed via frolic!; Wren spring collection via Oh Joy! via Gilda)


  1. Ok stop posting amazing bridesmaids dresses.You are really making me regret my lazy instructions to the Bridal Rock Steady Crew: 'Pick any dress you like as long as it's blue.' Which ps, i thought would be super easy for them, but not when you have one bridesmaid who has a 30F chest. NOTHING FITS HER. She's being a really good sport about it, but she must have tried on 40 dresses and none of them work.

    I never thought bridesmaids dresses would be a major wedding headache.humph.

  2. @clemmieblue finding a bridesmaid's dress is a bigger headache than finding a wedding dress. ESPECIALLY when the bride says "Pick any dress you like as long as it's _____."

  3. fantastic picks...i love the watercolorness of today's fashion.

  4. @eastsidebride Thing is because of aforementioned bridesmaid's sizing diffculties there was no way I could just pick one dress and say that's what you're wearing. Because any dress that fits her wouldn't work on my other two A cup bridesmaids. Plus I am allergic to matching bridesmaids, I always thinks it looks weird and awkward.
    What I should have done is just said, here have some money. Buy a nice dress. On me.
    Poor girl she is being super sweet about it, but as she said: 'this is why I don't wear dresses'

  5. @clemmieblue so let her wear a skirt.

  6. @eastsidebride I have suggested that to my big boobd bridesmaid but I dunno. I think she's got it into her head that bridesmaids MUST WEAR DRESSES. I'd be totally fine with a skirt. so long as she's happy. nothing worse than a miserable bridesmaid because she hates her outfit.

  7. @clemmieblue as a girl with boobs that are disproportionate to the rest of her body (32 F when not pregnant), tell your friend that tailoring is key... but she should know that. also, let her know that vintage dresses, if she's willing to go that route, fit girls like us like a GLOVE.

    umm... that's the best bride i've seen in a LONG time.

  8. Two things... one can someone PLEASE find out who makes/made the second bridesmaids dress (the one that looks like an oil slick on the road during a sunny day? aka the purple ish one) and two... for the bigger chested bridesmaid, maybe try having a dress made by a good tailor, she can then have whatever style and fabric she loves, and no one will have the same dress. Also to do it on the cheap, find fashion design students who are short on cash (all of them) they are generally exceedingly helpful.