Monday, March 21, 2011


Dear Eastsidebride,

I had been feeling quite smug and delighted with myself as wedding planning so far has been breezy but have come across a major stumbling block that I need your help with!!

Am wearing this dress by Elizabeth Dye in four weeks to my wedding. Fell in love with it instantly and as I'm a ballet dancer it just seemed like kismet that it was named Giselle. Shoes, rings, honeymoons, menus and even guest lists haven't been a problem but am recently starting to feel like the hair issue may get the better of me.

I have always had quite bold hair that just won't do what it's told. It's long and blonde-ish and resembles a lions mane and not in a cool way. It's pretty much the bane of my life! at work I leave it down, shove it up in a bun and generally ignore it but it's only starting to dawn on me now that I should figure out what the hell to do with it soon as there will be photos (ugh) and people looking at me (double ugh). My mom insists that I have to wear it up because otherwise it will ruin the line of the dress or some such nonsense. I do take her point though that I don't want to be at it all day trying to tame it. Basically I just want to know what to do with it so that I can tick it off my damn list and not have to think I have wonky hair on the day!

Things to consider

-not a fan of flowers/buns/hairbands on the side of the head. the lack of symmetry makes me feel lop-sided and a little disturbed.

-I have a fear of hairdressers so nothing too drastic (I know I know I did threaten to shave it!)

Please help me so that I can go back to feeling smug and practicing drinking champagne!


Would you PRETTY PLEASE wear a big sexy ballerina bun on top of your head?

Martha Stewart endorsed the look months ago (and then of course what's-her-name tried to rock it on Project Runway) but I haven't seen a real bride knock it out of the park.

p.s. duh.


  1. LOVE the super high ballerina bun.

  2. I did it for my wedding, though not as big as I wanted because my hairdresser didn't understand the direction "bigger."

    Highly recommend.

  3. sounds like you out of anyone would best rock a ballerina bun.. when my bridesmaids and I were having our hair done for my wedding a couple weeks ago, my stylist knew I wanted everyone to have BIG hair, so she kept saying "closer to god" and it was cracking me up.

    closer to god with that bun!

  4. Yep, you definitely should rock a big bun. Sounds like you have thick hair with a little wave that doesn't like to stay where it's put, and a tight bun is the perfect way to lock it up all day so you won't have to worry and you'll look all hot and ballerina-y!! Ask your MOH or someone to keep bobby pins and a tiny can of hairspray on hand, though.

    P.S. My updo totally started losing it towards the end of the night, but I did NOT care. Unless you're really obsessed with how you look, you will probably be having too much fun to really be concerned with it anyway. My MOH did swoop in and shove a couple bobby pins in there for me around 10 PM but after that it was whatevs.

  5. Large ballet bun would clearly be the coolest option. If you didn't want to be cool, except inasmuch as a 70s reference has some interest, the half up pinback is another option. Especially if you use product in the part that hangs down to create a few ringlets. And embrace a little frizz in the part that stays up.

  6. Um, ditto on the *duh*. Rock the shit out of it and make sure you load up on the hairspray. Then dance the night away ... though prolly not ballet style ... unless you really want to.

  7. This braided top bun is super cute!

  8. I concur.

  9. check out cup of jo today - SO pretty!

  10. from a thin-haired girl to one more blessed -- DO THE BIG BUN !

  11. You can tease your hair to make the bun even bigger (or use a hairpiece) like Carrie's big bun in Charlotte's first wedding (sex and the city); one of my bridesmaids did that at my wedding, she wore a cynthia rowley electric blue feather ballerina-y dress and it looked fantastic.

  12. and then please send us pictures!

  13. agreed on the bun

    and pls dont hate me for wearing acid wash lol

  14. I like the idea of a big sexy bun too, but since you're a ballet dancer that might feel pretty boring, am I right? Don't you have your hair in a bun all the time?
    I'm going to break from the crowd and say go for a Sienna Miller style crown-braid! I did ballet for 12 years and my unruly hair never wanted to stay up in a bun, but it did stay in place when it was braided.

    P.S. Love your dress!

  15. Pretty please do this:

  16. I'm with the sajawedding messy side braid. Sooo pretty and romantic.

  17. I love the idea of a big bun - although you don't have to have it all scraped up and away from your face. Maybe something a bit looser and romantic? Have some bits framing your face and use a hot curling iron to give them some waves/curl?

    In my everyday work I use a "doughnut" to do a pretty bun - it's a round foam piece that's easy to use.

    Do you have girlfriends and/or future in-laws who always have lovely hair? Ask them to stop by for an evening of wine and bobby pins - so you two can play with your hair and see what style comes out tops. You can try EVERYTHING that you have thought "that could look kinda cool" and see what happens. Failing that, talk to your hairdresser! They deal with your hair on a regular basis right? Even if you don't hire them to do your hair on the day, you may be able to ask them to help you out on what kind of styles to do, and maybe even do it for you and show you how to do it at home (or show your MOH/bridesmaid on how to do it for you).

  18. Does anyone remember how Sarah Jessica Parker wore her hair in the Sex and the City episode of Charlotte's first wedding (right when she broke up with John Corbett's character)?

    Where it like that. That hair style was SO AWESOME.