Friday, May 23, 2008

Groomsmen Style: Beware

Please don't force your groomsmen to relive regrettable style moments from a cappella history. Controlling the color palette is cool. 12 men in red blazers is ridiculous.

And as The Upgrader points out, the only people who should be wearing white gloves with black tie are the help. Don't dress your groomsmen (or yikes! the groom) like members of the catering staff.

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  1. Nobody should wear white gloves, not even the waiters. Eughh.

    As for the red blazers, there are no words... I like that they're posing in front of Playboy Enterprises, it's just a good taste overload!

  2. *This* is why we are just doing suits all round. The groom is getting a new suit, which he will wear many times post wedding. We're asking the groomsmen to wear black suits, and the one groomsman who doesn't have one is being bought one as a super useful gift. Then, we're planning to request a color for ties, like "mainly blue" and maybe approve them before they are bought to make sure no one goes TOO wacky....
    Because I think too often groomsmen look like they are going to prom....

    Or worse, here ;)

  3. You could buy the ties as gifts... then they wouldn't be too matchy or too out there.

    FH has told me to stay the f* out of what his groomsmen are wearing. Which has me crawling the walls, naturally :S