Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What the f* does the best (wo)man wear? (part two)

Lindsay B. writes:

I saw your post this morning and thought I could contribute (also, I may be too late, which is alright, too.) (Editor's note: it is never to late to send me killer wedding photos!) I began reading your blog before I got married on August 13th, but I still read it now cause it's fantastic and entertaining and wonderful.

Anyhoot! Attached is my "best (wo)man" and a picture of me (if it interests). We went for a 1940s THEME..it was loose, you understand? :-)

The theme is fabulous. Your BW is fabulous! (Hellooo, I didn't even address hair!) And you kick some serious ass yourself, lady.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the coolest readers ever?


  1. That hair is absolutely perfect.

  2. That IS a fabulous theme. And you looked great. I have high hopes for our Best wo(Man) now (though her short-like-a-boy hair concerns me. Hopefully we can make it look gamine, not 'like a boy'. Someone told me to make her grow it out for the wedding, and I gave them a blank stare. Apparently I missed the memo that said brides can dictate their bridal party's hairstyles for the length of the engagement.

  3. F* them all! Short short hair will look fab with a suit!

  4. that hair is fab - on both bride and best (wo)man.

    i love a forties theme, and i think a suit is hot and potentially for brides themselves.