Friday, January 23, 2009

the Meghan Kinney dress I didn't wear

Nicole of Nicole and Jess emailed me to ask for more details about why I didn't wear my Meg wedding dress:

I just realized you posted about Meg Kinney of Meg. I live outside of Toronto and bought my highschool graduating prom dress from her store. I still adore it!

I've been in contact with her about custom bridal/bridesmaid dresses. How was your experience?? What made you decide not to wear her *wedding* dress for you?

This post wasn't enough? You've got to bring back all the old guilty feelings??

Just kidding.

I love Meg. She designed most of the dresses hanging in my closet. (And her fall/winter 2008 lookbook is all about the mustache, so there's some synergy here.)

I was at Meg shopping for a MOH dress when I found the wedding dress by accident. It was an $80 sample, floor-length white strapless eyelet lined in bubblegum pink, pretty fabulous for eloping to Vegas or somewhere, which was what I thought we might do. (Our engagement was a secret to everyone but my best friend at the time.) BUT, once I started planning a semi-bohemian farm/forest wedding at my dad's house on the west coast of Canada, strapless eyelet just didn't make sense anymore.

Here is a big piece of advice for everyone: don't buy your dress until you book the venue. I don't care how on sale it is. Or how much you think you know what you want. Vegas country club doesn't work in the forest. Feathery flapper will look ridiculous in a chapel. I would love to see you wear a ball gown to city hall, though. (Vintage suit for a city hall wedding? Yawn.)

Anyhoo, I would recommend Meg without hesitation for bridesmaids' dresses, and for wedding dresses with a modern feel. Her prices range from $220-400 for custom, and you can walk in and ask them to make any dress in the store in white.

Have you met her in person? The lady rocks.


  1. Thanks for that... i've been holding off to wait to make sure i have my venue... people keep asking me why, but it was a gut instinct. I'm glad you confirmed my first response! :)


  2. Yes!!! Thank you. I'm even more excited to go to her store this weekend.

    haha and my apologizes for bringing back those feelings. ;)

  3. Could not agree more. I was *set* on a 50's tea length vintage or vintage inspired dress. Then we chose Joshua Tree and I found the dress I wore [60's bride meets Gram Parson's] and could not look back. The first idea would never have worked in the venue we had...

    Also. Um. Primary colors? Um.

    Um. Maybe it can be *for* the adults, but in the babies room? Crap.

  4. what? why? did I misspell every other word? Or you just think my appointment of the mobile as for the adults is a crazy sleepless person's? What?

  5. You just sound a wee bit jittery, love.

  6. hm.

    my word verification is 'knowins'

    ha. knowins.

  7. Desert - SLEEP.
    ES- I feel like you are talking right AT me with all the meg this and meg that, it's odd. Also, it makes me want her dress. My bus when right past her store my senior year in college and I always called it 'my' store... so. I feel like I should have gotten my dress there. And you're totally selling me on her. Of course my sleepless sewing sister would cry if she read this, so just between us girls, yeah?

    So someone do it already, and send pictures.

  8. Just between us, I have this great strapless eyelet number. Never been worn. If you change your mind.

  9. yeah yeah, then I'm sending my sister right to your place to calm her rage. And since my parents live in Pasadena, you should be scared ;) (she's scary. she forges steel.)