Friday, January 23, 2009

I can't keep up with the jean trends

But I like these.* Would they be considered Boy Jeans? I am so over the wide legs.

(Photo of A Magazine's Fashion Editor Annabel Rivera from altamira via coco + kelley)

*Unfortunately they look a lot like the Sevens I listed on ebay yesterday because I decided they were too big. I am such a Gemini.


  1. Ohhhh!! I like these too!! Super cute.

  2. I just closed the ebay auction. It's like I got a free pair of jeans! (Okay, I'm out sixty-five cents for the listing fees.)


  3. i was just thinking this the other day. i feel like i just bought my wide leg and now i am back on the skinny which i almost got rid of. it's winter and i need them to go into my boots. and i like my new ripped up boyfriends. but in about an hour i will need some other version and what i have well seem passe.

  4. i love the looks of rolled up jeans... i was actually just thinking about this today! god, i can't wait for warmer weather... :)

  5. I've always loved the rolled up jean look. I have a hard time staying with the fashion on jeans though b/c I DEFINATELY cannot pull off the skinny jean look!