Friday, January 16, 2009

Miranda July, you kick ass

Your book is so funny. And sad. At the same time.

With your permission, I will put it on my shelf next to others by

Sam Lipsyte
Anton Chekhov

Or I might just group all my yellow books together. That would be satisfying too.

p.s. I also loved your movie. Am I just making you stuck up telling you all this?


  1. Not by yellow. Books go by topic. Or by feeling, or by the way you loved them.

    Though they look pretty by color, they really need to go by the colors of their souls, don't you think?

  2. I loved that movie, too, and saw it over and over and then bought it and watched it some more. I haven't read the book yet, but thanks for the reminder as will go get it straightaway.

  3. I love her work.

    Have you been to her site "Learning to Love Your More"?

  4. Oh I like that about the colors of their souls. How pretty. Too bad I'm OCD about alphabetizing.
    This book was sad for me. I'd like to read it again. Maybe it will be a little funny, too.

  5. I loved that film too.

    My books are in the order they came out of the pile on the floor after we moved and it's driving me mad. I used to be colour coordinated, before that by feeling (never by anything as sensible as author) and I need a new system.

  6. where have i been.

    i have a new crush to stalk. thank you.