Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I haz iphone

With a 917 area code.

Porting my old number to the new carrier involved:

a) (Temporarily) changing my credit card billing to my Manhattan address

b) Spending hours on the phone (Read: H-town spending hours on the phone) with ATT&T Wireless trying to convince them to reroute the shipping

c) Shipping the phone to Manhattan after all and impatiently waiting for my mom to send it to me here

Refusing to admit that I really live in LA? Priceless.

p.s. This is Flo, our neighbor's cat. Actually, her name is Number One Kitty, but we call her Flo. Aren't you digging the Helga effect?

p.p.s. The dirt is not a camera effect. Flo likes to roll in the dirt.


  1. Pffft! You people and your hi-tech gadgets! My little sister just got an iphone and keeps rubbing it in my face.

    The whole touch screen thing is still too much for me to handle.

  2. hee, glad you got yours finally, lovin' it too it sounds like? if anyone *should* be sportin' an iphone it's me almost out of obligation, but i refused! haha. you have no idea how much crap i get for that. i hear you on the area code deal, i had to do the same when i moved away for college.

    #1 kitty = awesome

  3. THAT is awesome. This reminds me of the Sex and the City movie. Priceless.

  4. this is hilarious. u r not alone. I have had a D.C. phone number since 2001. Since then, I have lived in Houston, Detroit, returned to DC, Maryland, and now Ive been in Miami for 2.5 years. The best part?

    Im moving back to DC this year so my phone number will be safe in its home town. Keep the NY love- it wil pay off some day. ;o)

  5. Ha! I still try to convince myself that I live in Italy ... but t-mobile won't let me use that number. Jerks, all of 'em!

  6. Mmm. We have 917 numbers too. If we chatted it would be local. Well, actually you'd be calling from the East Village to Brooklyn. Flatbush, actually. I'm sort of hardcore like that.

  7. Congrats on the i-phone! Aren't you wondering how you ever lived without it? I have the T-mobile G-1 and I LOVVVVVVEEEE IT!

  8. Flo's a cutee .. very photogenic ... or is it just that everything looks good on the iphone???

  9. west village, if you want to get technical, meg :)

  10. Ooooh. I'm getting one as soon as I sell my car. And I love the area code business. Nice.

    p.s. it is fun to roll in dirt.

  11. http://poolga.com/en

    saw this, thought of u.

  12. Dubbsiloveit. Might have to replace Flo, much as i love her. Kittie wallpaper is so. Expected.