Friday, January 16, 2009

simple flowers in old bottles

Are where it's at.

Thank you Good Mouse, Bad Mouse for reminding me that I still love Design*Sponge, even if I do find the new ads a tad intrusive.*

And who knew Sarah Saipua was so f'ing hilarious? Did everyone know?

*Just because I blog my little heart out for free doesn't mean everybody else has to. But I have a question for the people with google ads. Have you ever received a check?


  1. Her blog is totally funny. and i am IN LOVE with saipua. i think she might be one of the best out there. why does she not live here, with us?

    we are so deprived in LA.

  2. Did you see the Saipua bouquets with the blackberries earlier this week? I briefly considered eating them whole, including the peonies.

  3. ur right...i think i'll drop my tacky ad...

  4. ROFL @ the asterisk!

    though if i had the effort+talent to make it big, i'd be wearing googleads on my shirt. i AM for sale, i ain't ashame.

  5. I love this look and am constantly littering our home with bud vases and milk glass with tiny flowers. So pretty. Um, I didn't know about Sarah Saipua. Guess I'll have to check her out?!

    Enjoy the weekend. Don't forget about the time-suck come Monday. xx

  6. I love this look. It's so cute, fresh and sweet.

  7. I have Google Ads. In two years, I've received $200 dollars but then I don't get a lot of traffic. That's the key. I just use it as "fun money."

    Love your blog.

  8. $200 def sounds more fun than $0. I appreciate the report!