Friday, January 16, 2009

I can't hear you, I'm unplugged.

Here's an overdue new year's resolution:

I will observe the secular Sabbath.

I will step away from the computer, pull out a legal pad and a pen, and tackle some of the legitimate projects that are hanging over my head.*

Then maybe I'll read The New Yorker. In print.

*No offense esb. I love you, but man are you a time suck.

(Image courtesy of Ben Rains)


  1. Good call. We enjoy a non-secular sabbath over here, and it pretty much rocks. Though, I'm clearly still plugged in tonight, trying to chill.

    But! I did just get myself back from some services. So you know. I'm loving your resolution.

    Now, the New Yorker. In print. Much better.

  2. Will you also wear those red polka-dot shoes? :)

  3. excuse me, madam i-don't-blog-for-six-months-and-now-i'm-a-big-whiner