Saturday, January 24, 2009

I already need a bang trim

I'm going to the salon, Patti. I realize that's not very punk rock.

But in those broke-as-sh*t williamsburg days when I used to cut my own hair, it never looked punk rock. It just looked sort of lopsided. I've learned it takes a skilled stylist to give me just the right dishevelled look.

In these broke-ish echo park days, I will happily shop for vintage/resale/thrifted clothes. I will eat out less often. I will finally get a library card. But I will not compromise on haircuts. (After all, I wear my hair every day.)

I need to catch this doc, b/t/w. Where the hell have I been?

p.s. I will admit I'm a little obsessed with Patti Smith. It's 70% style/30% the whole Sam Shepard thing.

p.p.s. Dream Weaver? Really??

(1978 photo by Robert Mapplethorpe found here)


  1. seriously what an awesome site, it's great to see all the different styles of self portraits.

  2. I frantically called my stylist to see if she could squeeze me in for a bang cut before my little trip [they are still long] she never called back. Last night, I dreamed about a bang cut.

    But not Patti.