Monday, January 26, 2009

okay, michael. you got me.

I dig your loft. I dig your beat-up club chairs and your furry throw.

And I lurve your silver shoes.

Thank you to The Selby for showing us the way people really live, instead of getting all Architectural Digest-y.

(Via this lovely Swedish blog I can't read.)


  1. You had me at shiny, silver shoes.

  2. I think I need me some silver shoes. like now.

  3. crap, how come i didn't learn swedish?

  4. Love it! I want the club chairs and the shoes!

  5. oh michael stipe, you little fashionista!
    funny seeing these photos... at the last r.e.m. concert we were at, i stood next to thomas for most of the show!

  6. I know it sucks. I need to go international.
    But by this time next year, I'll be on your side of the Atlantic, promise to work on my english til then. :)
    Be well

    PS. couldn't agree with you more about the Selby - finally homes look like homes. Which is by the way, what I wrote in the post. :)